woo-woo-debbi-5Dear Woo-Woo Debbi:

What is Divine Timing and how do we work with it? There are so many articles out there online but it’s always refreshing to hear your inputs.

Dee A.
Toronto, Canada

Dear Dee,

It’s a very common scenario: you’re in the process of manifesting something, and you have positive momentum going—meaning, you feel really good and you know (or at least you believe) that the goods are en route. You’ve done all the stuff that Law of Attraction teachings say to do. But inevitably, time passes, and you can’t help but notice that the goods have not arrived yet. What gives, Universe!?

How can you know if the delay is a matter of Divine Timing or if there’s some self-improvement stone you inadvertently left unturned?

Excellent question. We’ll get to it in just a minute, but first thing’s first: what exactly is Divine Timing, anyway?

Examples help to illustrate.

If it’s a relationship you’re after, it could very well be that your future beloved is currently indisposed in some fashion (still in another relationship, grieving, growing, or geographically far away, etc.), so the timing is not right until he or she is freed up. [Watch the short fun video below!]

If it’s a new home you’re wanting, perhaps the ideal home is waiting for you, but must first be vacated by its current occupants. Maybe it’s not even built yet. Or maybe you’ll go look at a prospective home, only to meet someone who becomes pivotal in your career or personal life, and then later on decide that you don’t actually want to move after all. Desire can sometimes be a ploy to manifest something entirely different. Sneaky, huh? Our higher selves are always working for us, pulling the strings of the matrix, whether or not we conscious realize it.

If it’s restoration of health that you desire, perhaps your soul wants to experience being unwell in order to expand your ability to love, and once that goal is achieved, healing happens. Perhaps a particular healing professional is to be involved, and you haven’t met this person yet. Because we DO have certain pre-arranged events and rendez-vous arrangements in our life plans. Not all of life is pre-scripted of course (not even the majority of it) but certain puzzle pieces are indeed laid out before we incarnate. The Higher Self knows all of this, but the human self does not.

If it’s a new and better job you’re keen on manifesting, perhaps the ideal job is not yet available, and perhaps you need to gather more skill first so that you can have the dream job instead of just the mediocre, logical-next-step job. Sometimes what we think we want and what we truly want are not exactly the same thing.

There are infinite intricate aspects to Divine Timing, and as humans, we usually get the memo on approximately zero of these.

BUT now here’s the really big thing. Manifesting delays are largely due to Resistance on the part of the Manifestor. Sometimes we overlook our own Resistance and blame the delay on Divine Timing. (But hey, there are worse angles to adopt! At least with that mindset, the person still believes that the manifestation is going to happen.) By Resistance I mean sending out signals—via thoughts, emotions, mind-pictures, limiting beliefs and actions—that contradict and negate what we want. 

With Divine Timing, we have zero control. With Resistance, we have 100% control.

So, okay, then how do you know what the mix is? How can you know if Divine Timing is working its magic behind the scenes?

The short answer is that you cannot! Sorry to disappoint, but as a human being—as the narrowed-down perspective of your total infinite self—you are simply not privy to the mechanics of Divine Timing until after the fact. Sometimes we get a bit of the back-story after the manifestation has materialized. And sometimes we don’t even get that. But none of this has to be a big drag.

Some people are really into mysteries. Did you ever meet someone like that? Someone who voraciously reads mystery novels, or even goes on those murder mystery theatrical train rides or attends themed dinner parties. I recommend talking to those people to find out what makes them tick. Is it just the grand reveal at the end of the story that keeps them riveted? I daresay, it is not. Not entirely, at least. It is the unfolding of the mystery, the delicious gathering of clues along the way, complete with false leads and dead ends, the entirety of the experience that makes them come alive.

The best thing to do, for the purposes of maintaining your sanity and keeping your chin up, is to do everything you can to minimize your own Resistance, while simultaneously adopting a sporting attitude about the unfoldment. Develop insatiable curiosity about what plot twist might be just around the corner, how a pattern might be reversed or a scene transformed. Be curious whether it might happen step-by-step, or in one fell swoop. Who might the featured characters be? What might the set look like? Where might the scenes take place? Curiosity is a light-hearted vibration. It’s playful, not heavy.

The part about minimizing your Resistance doesn’t have to be a big heavy either. It’s just a matter of checking in to make sure you’re not talking smack about the subject of your desire, or spending time picturing your continued lack of having it. If you’re generally enjoying your life and staying open to possibilities, that’s a very good sign that you’re becoming a vibrational match to what you want. From there, it’s up to Divine Timing to deliver the goods. It’s out of your hands, and you can be okay with that transfer of power. . . can’t you?

advice_14Curiosity doesn’t change the fact that your human mind doesn’t know everything ahead of time. But it changes how much fun you have, given that your human mind can’t know everything ahead of time. Choose curiosity over fear, and you shift your vibration to attract more fun manifestations. Remember, manifestation is not just one particular thing or big event, but an endless daisy chain of moments.

Our minds tend to gloss over successes pretty quickly, and zoom back to “what’s sorely missing now” mode, so it really helps to deliberately look back at things that have already manifested in your life and assess the elements of Divine Timing. If you can’t recall any of your own, borrow someone else’s. (Got a Divine Timing story of your own to share? Leave a comment down below!)

I recommend keeping a journal of manifestations, especially the small stuff that’s so easily forgotten. To the universe, it’s all the same, of course. “Big,” “small,” “important,” “mundane” are just our human judgements. But no matter what, it’s the same energy. When you remind yourself of stuff that worked out perfectly in the past, it’s easier to relax about stuff that’s going to work out perfectly in the future.

The bottom line is this: when we understand that we volunteered to come and play this Earth Game, that we CHOSE to squeeze a small portion of our consciousness into a human costume—yes, complete with blinders!—then we can have more fun on the Gameboard of life. We can remember that we still have the rest of us (our Higher Self) outside the Game, constantly helping and arranging. We can chill out and trust this Higher Self to do a good job. We can enjoy the scenery of this wacky train ride, even while peering out a very small obscured window, because it’s only temporary. We can get curious about the next stop, and the next one, and the next. As the comedian Bill Hicks used to say, “it’s just a ride!”

Infusing Your Woo-Woo with Love and Levity,


(a.k.a. Woo-Woo Debbi)


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