Ask Woo-Woo Debbi_squareDear Woo-Woo Debbi:

Is manifestation usually a bunch of small things over time or is it or can it be one big fell swoop?

Bex C.,
Cleveland, TN


Dear Bex,

Thanks for your question! Manifestation can be either slowly built up or lightning-fast, from your perspective, but really it’s an ongoing process. Every single moment is a manifestation of something so technically it’s always building up to the big “manifested moment.” Each moment we experience results from a hodgepodge of thought-energy, beliefs, emotion, and a dash of pre-determinism or Divine Will thrown in for good measure.

We tend to think of a manifestation as the obvious point in time where the goal is fulfilled: when we meet the soulmate, get the dream job, possess the moulah, etc. And those are glorious moments for sure!

But in truth, this Law-of-Attraction thingy just never shuts down, not even for an instant. You are continually shifting your focus through a steady stream of reality frames, a bazillion times a second! It’s kind of like a multi-dimensional fast-moving “filmstrip” where your consciousness is the light of the projector. (That’s an old-school analogy, but hopefully you get the point.) Those reality frames comprise your experience, and all of them are manifestations, not just the exciting shiny ones.

I think what you wanted to know is whether it’s common for people to get the goods—to experience those exciting shiny reality frames—relatively quickly. And the answer is: it’s exceedingly personal. It all depends on your personal belief systems. Belief is super powerful, because it’s thought-energy set to auto-pilot.

If you believe, for instance, that the thing you want has to take a long time, that you must go through a lot of interim steps, that maybe you’re not really worthy of it until you “earn” it, that maybe the thing you want doesn’t really exist and so you should probably settle for less… well, all these beliefs and more can clog up the manifesting machinery. You’re the boss of your reality. (You—and I and all the other amazing people here in the Earth Game—are actually co-creating the illusion of time! That’s how powerful we are. Whoa, dude.) 

Manifesting vs Quantum Jumping

When people talk about quantum jumping, what they really mean is that there’s a VERY noticeable, obvious shift from one reality frame to the next. Technically, we are always “quantum jumping” from one frame to the next, but our frames—that is, our life situations—tend to show little change. This is due to our ingrained limiting beliefs, and our amazing ability to automatically keep re-creating the same contents from one reality frame to the next. Few people go from having cancer to not having cancer in 2.3 reality frames. Even fewer drive to work in a Hyundai and emerge at 5:00pm with the keys to a Ferrari. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done—it’s just that very few have Beliefs that allow for such seemingly radical shifts.

That said, it’s also possible that your Higher Self has a few tricks up its sleeve. This is what I meant earlier by the element of Divine Will. The larger version of you knows things that your conscious mind doesn’t. Maybe your dream home is currently occupied (or as of yet unbuilt) and when the wait is over, you’ll realize it was worthwhile. Maybe your dreamboat is living in another country or in the process of disentangling and healing from a prior relationship. Maybe there is more stuff for you to learn, people for you to meet, experiences for you to accumulate, before that “big” manifestation pops into your life. These are the mysteries.

But divine will is probably less of a factor than you might assume. Avoid the common mind-trap of relinquishing YOUR power to notions of “fate,” “luck,” “karma,” or the idea that your Higher Self doesn’t want you to have the thing that you want. Bullocks! Your Higher Self IS you. Of course “it” wants you to have all that your heart desires, and knows that you can and will do just that. “It” knows a million clever ways to get you to the Manifestival on time. So it’s mainly free will. It’s best to assume that, and do everything in your (mind)power to release resistance, including liberating pesky limiting beliefs. And if there’s a delay in delivery of the goods, you can honestly say that you are doing your part, and that there must be a good reason for the delay. That’s different from remaining resistant and playing the “divine delay” card as a justification. Can you sense the difference there?

YOUR part, as a conscious Earthbound human, is relatively simple: to release all Resistance. Resistance means any negative limiting thoughts and beliefs that say “it’s not happening” or “it can’t happen” or “it only happens to THOSE people and not me” or “it won’t happen until/unless _____ ” or “it has to happen THIS way.” Get happy, get expansive, get confident that the goods are en route, then… chill out and enjoy whatever reality frames you’re currently creating/experiencing.

How swiftly your manifestations arrive depends mainly on your personal belief systems. If you don’t need things to follow a logical sequence, they don’t have to!

The bottom line is that YOU make the rules for your life and your manifestations. Don’t get bogged down in other people’s limiting ideas. If your mind demands proof, look for evidence of what you DO want: focus on positive examples of what is possible and stories of people who already did whatever you want to accomplish. Statistics are not only overrated, they’re an unnecessary buzzkill! Decide to buck “the odds” and kick some serious booty in the Earth Game instead. You can do this. You’re an infinite spirit-being, after all. You’re only posing as a mere human for a little while. . .  😉

Happy Manifesting to you!


a.k.a. Woo-Woo Debbi


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