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Dear Woo-Woo Debbi,

Where does the universe begin?

Gavin G.,
London, UK


Dear Gavin,

I really like this question. It’s so simple and yet, so deep. Ever since I was a wee woo-woo lass, I posed a similar question unto myself: “What is the Universe in?” I mean, here I am sitting in a room, in a house, in a town, in a state, in a country, on a planet, in a galaxy, in a universe, in 

WHOA!! That’s when the wiring in my brain would short-circuit. Sparks and smoke and buzzing sounds! I enjoyed every nano-second of this self-inflicted intellectual meltdown, despite the fact that no resolution was forthcoming. Oh, what a strange creature was this Little Debbi (snack-cake jokes notwithstanding).

woo-woo-Debbi-2As an alleged grown-up, I continued to contemplate eternity, but for better or for worse I no longer caught a buzz from it. Perhaps I’d blown my circuits for good. I did, however, arrive at a truce—a pseudo-understanding—and it goes something like this:

There are some things we just cannot fully comprehend from our perspective inside the Earth Game. But that’s okay, because we’re so much more than these meatsuits and earthbound personalities. When we re-emerge into the broader, non-physical reality—you know, when we’re sleeping or astral-traveling or when we croak—stuff like this makes perfect sense.

It’s not that we can’t see what’s beyond the edges of Universe. It’s not that we’re not cool enough, or high-ranking enough in consciousness, to perceive the next container. It’s just that the question is fundamentally flawed, as they say in academic logic jargon. There is no container. And as long as we’re here in human form, we don’t really have a reference point or an effective construct for understanding that.

To say that the question is flawed is not to be confused with an insinuation that YOU, the asker of the question, is flawed. Hardly! YOU are a bright and proper collection of consciousness molecules, a chip off the old god-block just like all the rest of us chickens, humans, gladiolas, radioactive minerals and what-have-you. But the presumption that the Universe could or should have a succinct beginning (or ending) assumes that Life must conform to our Earth-filtered limited view of things. It doesn’t and it can’t and it won’t, because those limitations are made of smoke and mirrors.

Just take a look at the English language. We use reverse-negative words like limit-less, in-finite and un-limited in our attempts to describe eternity—a concept we really don’t “get.” We think linear time is real. We think things have beginnings and endings. And while the deliberately narrowed focus is integral to the Game we’re playing, we easily get carried away. The limiting beliefs we’ve cooked up engender a lot of fear and unnecessary suffering—fear of “death,” to cite a trivial example.

School plays have beginnings and endings, as do our distinct, physically-focused lifetimes here in the Earth Game. But Life itself doesn’t ever end or begin; it merely transmutes. You exist now, you always have and you always will, in some form or another (or in NO form whatsoever). Consciousness, like the Universe, knows no real boundaries.

We do have an awful lot of fun, though, frolicking inside the Illusions of Separateness and Finiteness of Space. It’s just part of the Earth Game setup—posing, like we do, as these distinct individualized eyepieces of the All-That-Is. We’re far greater than the roles we play, but we can immerse ourselves in it, and make the most of the Game Features. What clever beings!

In Truth, everything exists right here, right now—because Time itself is illusory.  “Well, if it all exists,” you might ask, “then why can’t I see it?” Because you also believe in the Illusion of Space, and according to the parameters of that Illusion, you can only perceive a small portion of the All-That-Is at any given “time.” This Space Illusion underwrites your question of “Where does the Universe begin?”

But hey, you’re certainly not alone. We Earth Game players are the Masters of Limitation, and the Grand Twin-Illusion of Time and Space is a primary feature of the Game, as a matter of fact. We came here with purpose and vim and vigor, knowing full well about all these amazing Illusions and their spectacular benefits (oh you betcha, there are benefits). So, there’s no need to bemoan the limited viewpoint. Revel in it for all it’s worth! Use Your Illusions, man. Make peace with the not-knowing part. Laugh more, frolic more. Enjoy that school play you’re starring in, because when the curtain closes, you’ve still got an eternity with which to contemplate eternity.

—Frank Zappa

Your Partner in En-lightening Up,

a.k.a. Woo-Woo Debbi