Ask Woo-Woo Debbi_squareDear Woo-Woo Debbi:

What are your thoughts on karma? From all the teachings I’ve studied, I pretty much dismissed it from being real, although I think the Golden Rule is just plain good sense.

Diana S.
Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Diana,

Great question! Like soulmates and other woo-woo controversies, the confusion—and the solution—is rooted in definitions. What exactly is karma, anyway?

The most popular connotation implies that someone or something—some force outside of you—has been keeping track of all your deeds, deeming them “good” or “bad” then rewarding or sentencing you accordingly. But you’re just a cog in the karma-machinery, a spiritual serf who somehow deserves to be punished and/or thrown a bone. Whoa dude! Are you going to swallow that disempowerment whole, just because 17 saintly swamis said so?

(Sorry swamis. I know you’re not the ones propagating disempowerment… are you?)

Well, it’s true that various persons throughout human history have played the role of villain, leveraging disempowerment of others for person gain… but let’s remember that it takes two to tango. Karma is a fine excuse for those who, for whatever reason, do not want to step into their personal power. Not that I’m shaming them, ‘cuz that’s not how I roll. Honestly, it’s much easier to be a victim than a self-sovereign person who’s willing to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth. See, we have so much free will here that we even have the option of believing—and therefore living as if—we don’t have free will! Ain’t this Earth Game grand? Ah, but I digress.

In Truth, we’re all inherently deserving of and eligible for any and all good stuff we can dream up. Nobody’s disqualified. No one is more worthy than another. Our worthiness is not based on our actions; it is built into our very existence! Every last one of us is a chip off the old god-block. YOU are the godforce within, as Stuart Wilde used to say. That old-school definition of karma, however, requires you to turn your back on all this glorious Truth and play it small.

So, the important question is:

What is YOUR definition of karma?

Whatever YOU decide to believe determines YOUR reality. Because karma, believe it or not, is just a Belief System that you can buy into or opt out of. But which belief are we talking about? There are many angles to this karma thing.

Since you brought up the Golden Rule, I’m thinking you’re interested in viewing karma as a sort of personal morality guide. After all, if a person were to buy into the popular definition even just a little bit, the only sane approach to life is to try and be a “good person” to avoid the wrath of the karma-godz, right? If it feels good to hold yourself to a moral code, by all means do! The trouble arises only when it’s someone else’s morality code imposed upon you.

You could simply define karma as being synonymous with the Law of Attraction (LOA), which truly is a Universal Law and not an optional Belief System. Like attracts Like, so whatever you focus on will return to you in one form or another. Sometimes it happens in a swift and obvious way and we call it “instant karma.” (But did you notice how that term is rarely used to describe positive, favorable occurrences?) Other times, there’s a delay in the cause-and-effect cycle. Like maybe you murdered somebody in the 17th century and then yesterday your car broke down.


Basically, you’re in charge. You’re the boss of your reality. You can decide to give yourself a lot of shit for something you’ve done or you can decide to love yourself unconditionally. I mean, sure, if you actually have committed murder recently, you’d probably benefit from some deep introspection. But the vast majority of guilt-slinging that goes on is completely unfounded… and it slows down the manifesting machinery! Self-Love, on the other hand, speeds things up.

Whatever life is slinging back at you, you can decide to use it, learn from it, and adjust your output signals accordingly. With conscious awareness, you start giving off the sort of vibes that you’ll actually enjoy when they’re mirrored back at you. But it’s just mechanical feedback—not punishment! The Universe doesn’t judge you. It’s physics, man. You transmit 68-Megahertz-vibrating thoughts and the Universe sends you more 68-MHz thoughts, then some 68-MHz situations, conversations, physical objects, etc. It’s pretty simple. The whole judgment gag is an elaborate fable concocted by human minds. Creative? You bet! Helpful? Eh… not so much.

Of course, the Universe always responds to your orders like a faithful servant, so if you firmly believe you need to do time for your crimes then the Law of Attraction will surely oblige. Without a certain level of consciousness, that’s what makes people believe in karmic sentencing: they are sentencing themselves, but interpreting the results as proof of being doomed or sentenced by an outside force or deity.

The bottom line is this: if you’re living life pinned under a rock of low havingness, it’s time to can the karma copouts, take out the guilt-garbage, and turn your attention to the almighty, uber-worthwhile goal of re-establishing Self-Love.

Anyway, back to the Golden Rule.

It says “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you,” and that’s a great system IF it makes YOU feel good to follow it. The thing is, others may or may not actually dig the ways you do unto them, because everyone is different. And it’s not your job to make other people happy. When you make sure that YOU are happy, you have access to the best “moral” guidance there is, in a play-by-play format. Why? Because when you’re high-vibing, you’re tuned in to your own Higher Self who whispers in your ear (metaphorically, or perhaps literally) what to do next.

Right about now, I’m guessing some wiseacre is reading this, about to comment, “What about a murderer? If killing someone makes him happy, how is that “moral”?” To which I say: trust me, murdering does not feel good. Been there, done that.

Kidding again! But then… I’m sure I’ve done it in other life experiences and so have you. It’s all just experience—food for the ever-hungry All-That-Is. And that brings me to the last thing I want to say about karma.

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Did you ever meet someone for the very first time and immediately feel a deep affinity or strong repulsion? What’s really going on is that you’re tapping into some non-physical information—and we all have spidey senses to do that. You are intuiting the fact that the two of you have a “history” or some unfinished business. In Truth, linear time is an illusion and everything is happening right now… but that’s another big Can-O-Woo-Worms, so let’s just call it a shared “past life” experience for convenience.

The connection between manifesting, law of attraction and forgiveness
If you’re karmically entangled, you need to read this book!

In the case of the affinity, you’re psyched to be reuniting with an “old” friend. Yay! As for the “repulsive” ones, conscious awareness is key. It’s not uncommon for people to get tangled up with these characters or, hell, even marry them against all better judgment. Hence the term “karmic entanglement.” You may feel a very strong, almost hypnotic, pull toward persons whom you openly admit that you despise or who do not have your best interests at heart. Perhaps you are an over-giver and they are the energy vampires in your Life’s Drama. They are there to teach you to Love Yourself. There’s a lot more to be said about that, but this post is already pretty long!

The good news is that YOU absolutely have the power to break these “karmic cycles” forever. It may not be easy, but it’s nevertheless true. Once you admit that you do have Free Will and that nothing is destined, you can simply stand up and decide to “stop all this silliness!” (a la Monty Python). You can choose to walk away. You can decide to forgive all the actors in your play, including and especially yourself. (Even better, thank them… because YOU hired them to play those roles!) You can declare to yourself and the Universe that you do NOT owe anyone anything. And that’s how you dissolve “karma.” Damn, you’re powerful!

You only owe yourself love, respect, and acceptance… and you can decide to make that your new priority. When you boldly make these statements (and follow through on them) you are actually discarding that “karma” you once felt saddled with.

You have done no wrong, and you’ll be free from feeling that way once you decide that you’re worthy of feeling good. Just say no to guilt and punishment! I know, it’s a lot of responsibility being a human in the Earth Game. But trust me, if you’re reading this, it’s not your first time around the block. You got this!

Buoying you up always,

a.k.a. Woo-Woo Debbi