Give-a-hootDoes it seem as if the Law of Attraction is broken? Is the Universe taking its sweet time to bring you that thing or person or situation you’ve been pining for?

Consider an alternative approach to manifesting.

Let’s be clear that if your heart’s desires have not yet materialized, and it’s been a while… it is NOT because the thing you want doesn’t exist, or because you don’t deserve it. Of course it does and of course you do!

The default game plan for Life is one of pure possibility. God, the universe, your Higher Self, your pixie pals and angel amigos, your grandmother and I all want you to be happy and get what you want! Indeed, everything exists in this abundant universe, and anything you feel passionate and excited about most definitely is trying to manifest into your life. But the emotionally challenging human experience causes us to adopt limiting beliefs that whittle away at the options—or so it seems.

Things usually do take some time to physically manifest—due to the denseness of our time-space reality—and that’s part of what makes the Earth Game so challenging and what makes you so amazing for coming here to play it. But that said, things shouldn’t take an extra super-duper long time to materialize.

partridge family busAssuming the thing you ordered from the Universal catalog is truly what you desire for your highest good, and also assuming the delay is not due to some unknowable aspect of Divine Timing (which hindsight will reveal), it is your personal Resistance that keeps postponing delivery day. Resistance is a counterproductive vibration-emanation—it’s static in your signals to the universe.

The low-hanging fruit of Resistance is conscious thought and spoken word: complaining that your stuff hasn’t arrived yet, and focusing on all the parts of reality you dislike. Reconditioning your conscious thinking and speaking toward the positive and the preferred is necessary, but not always sufficient to shift your manifesting into high gear. There comes a time when you want to have a look under the hood. You may be surprised to discover that buried anger is there, acting like a “governor” on your vehicle of consciousness and keeping you operating at low speeds.

It’s understandable to feel angry or resentful when your stuff hasn’t manifested and it’s been a long time. But weirdly, this is good news. If you can consciously identify and admit that you feel this way, then you can consciously do something about it. It’s golden information, actually.

Consider that buried anger and resentments may stem from a certain area of life but affect your manifesting all around. You could be 100% on board with your vision board for your new business… while remaining saturated in anger about something that happened to you as a child, without even realizing it. Tempting as it is to compartmentalize manifesting things like career, health, money, love and relationships, the universe doesn’t look the other way if negative vibes are “off-topic.” It’s all part of your overall vibration.

Here’s another clue. If you’re anything short of an instinctive applauder of other people’s successes, then I guarantee that you’re harboring resentment. Feeling resentful of their manifestations means you don’t really believe that you can have what they have. It’s very telling, and it usually stems from limiting beliefs about childhood experiences. When you dare to let the resentful feelings emerge (in a very conscious way), they bring you gifts of realization about your beliefs.

And what is resentment, after all? It consists of layers of Hurt and Anger, which sounds rather like a Malcontent Lasagna. Care to change the menu?

where is my manifestation?

From Belief to Relief

If you’re down with the whole Unlimited Abundance dealio and you genuinely want to Get Happy… releasing yucky feelings and identifying limiting beliefs is the way to take back the wheel.

So how exactly do you go about excavating those false beliefs? There are plenty of digging and sleuthing tools out there. I’ve personally had amazing success with a technique called the 3-Day Anger Letter. It involves fully allowing all your feelings to surface… but with intention and awareness, over short intervals of time. When you follow the technique, which is very simple and effective, you end up automatically deposited in a place of newfound peace. And during the 3 Days and beyond, your limiting beliefs come to the surface where you can consciously examine them.

After my man and I used the 3-Day Anger Letter Technique, we experienced major personal breakthroughs. I’m still marveling at the positive ripples that continue to propagate. This was big stuff like unprecedented levels of bliss and harmony in our relationships (with each other and with other people), increased financial prosperity, alleviation of some long-standing health/body issues.

Some of the results came right away; some were the slow-cook variety, as the emotional cleansing made room for more and better guidance to show up as the days and weeks transpired (after all, nature abhors a vacuum, so it’s out with the old and in with the new).

The most striking result was probably when a long-estranged family member showed up on the scene from halfway around the world to make amends. Miracles never cease! I don’t know about you, but magic and miracles are what I live for, so this goose-bump inducing stuff is very exciting. When we shift our vibrational state, the world around us shifts accordingly.

[Of course, the cynical mind will be quick to point out that all these results might have happened anyway. We really have no way of knowing, other than our intuition, but I’m siding with what feels good to believe. After all, beliefs are powerful, so we might as well choose the ones that serve us.]


Whatever methods you choose, I hope that you will go ahead and release any lingering resentment or anger. It can really help to have some sort of structured approach—otherwise it’s too easy to get sucked in to the old cycle. It’s important to be clear that you are diving in for the express purpose of healing and transforming. You may be re-visiting the Past, but this time you are going in with a purpose… and a dual consciousness: part experiencer, part observer.

Often we avoid feeling our yucky emotions because we’re scared of them… and because we’ve been culturally trained to not go there. To further compound our confusion, many metaphysical teachings (such as Abraham-Hicks) seem to imply that one should continually shift to better-feeling places. Which is usually a great idea. However, there are times when the most therapeutic and life-changing thing you can do for yourself is to actually allow negative emotion to pour forth and run its course, because it’s not healthy to cover it over. Letting it flow leads you to big-time revelations and true release… and pleasing manifestations.

Revisit the past, but do it consciously, with a purpose and a dual consciousness: part experiencer, part observer.

I’m not saying that metaphysical teachers advise stuffing down painful emotions. It’s just that, for students of the Law of Attraction, it’s easy to become paranoid and banish any negative utterance, for fear that it may manifest. Ironically, a fear of experiencing these yucky emotional states can stave off the very manifestations we desire, because in this case you are essentially holding onto fear (on top of the buried anger). But no matter what, it’s entirely personal: only YOU can know if a deep emotional cleaning is in order. Let’s put it this way: if your pool of emotions has become a proper stinkin’ cesspool, then skimming the surface waters just ain’t gonna cut it—you’ve just got to drain that sucker, once and for all!

It may feel very awkward initially, but if you’re willing to look your emotional “stuff” in the eye, you will reap the rewards. If you don’t deal with it squarely, it can continue to rule you unconsciously… and keep your manifestations at bay. The last thing you want to do is sweep things under the rug (that only makes a big ol’ lump on the floor to trip over). Be brave, li’l camper, be brave!

In your corner,


Watch how your life improves in delightful ways… after you consciously release anger and resentment. Go ahead and try this technique. You have nothing to lose but bad juju!