Slacker Manifesting

One of the most pervasive misconceptions about

this whole “woo-woo” approach to manifesting with the Law of Attraction is that you merely have to think about or visualize the stuff you want. . .  and that’s it. Then your manifestation just magically drops in your lap while you sit stationed on your plush La-Z-Girl recliner, watching soap operas and eating bonbons, right?

No, of course not.

But then again… it could possibly happen that way.

For example, years ago I MANifested an amazing boyfriend by doing absolutely nothing other than deciding that I wanted an amazing boyfriend and making a fun artsy vision board that included the phrase: “Don’t worry, he’ll find you.” And find me he did. He literally showed up on my front doorstep a month later. (Single ladies! Get the whole juicy MANifesting story in How I Met the Man of My Dreams.)

[There’s lots more about how to MANifest Love over here.]

Obviously, not every manifestation is that slick for all people all of the time. Just because anything and everything is possible in our infinitely abundant universe, it may or may not be probable for you personally, at any given point in time. [There’s also an element of Divine Timing to consider.]

That said, there’s no need to march over to the polar opposite camp and join the majority of humans in their drudgery chorus:

You have to work long and hard, and struggle to make things happen.

That ol’ song-and-dance is built on the Limiting Beliefs of Yore. Snore!

There is a middle ground, grasshoppah.

can you manifest just by thinking of something?Some action required

Yes, you will be taking action in order for your manifestations to fully physicalize in your life. We live in a physical reality and physical action is part of the game.

No, you don’t have to figure out what all the actions are going to be. (As a human, you’re not even capable of doing that, no matter how smart you are!)

And nope, you don’t have to take LOTS and LOTS of back-breaking actions for unbearably long periods of time…unless, of course, YOU insist that you do. (Friendly reminder: your beliefs are re-negotiable!)

The action required of you is actually pretty stress-free if you cultivate the habit of following your “micro-bliss.” When you make feeling good your priority, you are then open to receive inspirations, ideas, signals, hunches, directions about where to go, what to do next, who to call, what to say, where to look, etc. In this way, you will thoroughly enjoy the actions you take, because the actions spring from a vibrational state of feeling good.

Inspired actions barely resemble the laborious effort most people are accustomed to.

Let’s say you’re looking to manifest a sum of money. On the super slacker end of the manifesting spectrum, it’s entirely within the realm of possibilities that someone or something could issue you a phat check, and in that case, your action is to open the envelope, sign it an take it to the bank. Wheeee!

On the other end of the spectrum, you could work like a dog for 30 years to acquire the same sum of cash. Look around: it’s not hard to find examples of people on either end of the spectrum. But the work-hard peeps will readily divulge their beliefs: hard work is a big part of who they are. They believe in those beliefs and will defend the righteousness of them, and the wrongness of the “slackers” who simply opened the envelope. Beliefs are the engine beneath everyone’s reality creation.

Maybe it’s a soulmate you’re looking to manifest (yay for love!). You could go the slacker route as I did… or you could latch onto all sorts of beliefs that say you have to “put yourself out there” or do online dating, or kiss a lot of frogs, or—worse yet—settle for less than what your heart desires. Those are all valid choices. But I just want to remind you that you have options. You can change your beliefs, and your outside reality changes accordingly.

So, what’s on your Manifesting To-Do List?

Whatever it is you’re in the process of calling into your life, it doesn’t need to be hard. Think about it: you want what you want because it will make you happy, right? So start being happy now, and you’ll be a vibrational match to the goal. It’s a shortcut. Stay in the ultimate vibration of how you want to feel, and then inspired action ideas will occur to you in the most perfect ways.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to initiate something—make a phone call or stop by to visit someone—and an opportunity or resource presents itself there.

Perhaps someone will contact you to offer an opportunity that’s completely awesome. Your action is to say “yes!” and show up for the gig, whatever it is. Yes, that is action. Action doesn’t have to be exhausting and depleting. After all, “exhausted and depleted” is not how you anticipate feeling once your manifestation has arrived, correctamundo?

The key to successful slacker manifesting is learning to discern between truly inspired action and the forced, overly calculated kind.

In other words, get to know yourself better and be able to readily identify the voice of inspiration in your head vs. the voice of “shoulding.” Commit to stop “shoulding” on yourself.

To “inspire” is to infuse with spirit. The other type of action—calculating, meddling, and conventionally logical—is usually infused with Fear. As a powerful manifestor in training, it behooves you to look Fear in the eye and “just say no!” It will threaten you with “if you don’t do X, Y, and Z, you’ll never get what you want!” but that’s only based on limiting beliefs.

Our work as conscious manifestors is to dismantle those limiting beliefs so that we can be free to experience the divine abundance that awaits.

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If there’s something special you want to manifest, dare to stop trying to figure it all out with your human mind! Just do whatever you can—no more, no less—and make it enjoyable, relax, stay happy. Let the Universe (or your Higher Self) handle the rest and guide you to the right action.

Stick to the inspired variety of action!



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