Do you consider yourself a Spiritual Seeker?

☞ Do you sometimes feel like a human sponge, eager to soak up information about the mysteries of life?


☞ In the groups and teachings you’ve dabbled in, did you ever notice something a little weird going on—something that didn’t quite seem or feel right?


☞ Are you easily influenced by persuasive persons and powerful ideas?



Are you cynical about “woo-woo” (metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal, etc.) concepts? Are you curious how people ever get involved with creepy cults?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you’re going to love the Spiritual Slalom!

Spiritual Slalom

How to navigate around the Red Flags and get to the Truth

Spiritual Teachings and Teachers are chock full of red flags!


Ego trips and power plays


Serious and Controlling behavior


Intolerance for other/outside ideas


In the best case scenario, these things are simply indicative of annoying times to come. But at worst, they are the hallmark of creepy abusive cults. Whoa. . . and yikes!

The good news is that those red flags pop up to alert you—before things get too weird—and if you have a way of honoring and dealing with them when they arise, you can embrace any organization or teachings that interest you and learn a great deal from them, without getting sucked in to any potentially weird stuff. 

Let’s face it: as long as human beings continue to come equipped with egos, there will be red flags galore in the various spiritual movements!


Spiritual Slalom

is a mini-course that will teach you how to…

☑ Discern what is authentic vs. what is not

☑ Notice and interpret red flags when they arise, and what to do about them

☑ Gleam the pearls of wisdom, even when they’re surrounded by red flags (don’t leave them behind!)

☑ Maintain a healthy distance from unethical people with ulterior motives

☑ Increase your reliance and confidence in your own wisdom and inner guidance, and lessen your vulnerability to outside influence

☑ Keep the proverbial baby while tossing out the stinky old bathwater

☑ Retain your sanity and your sense of humor while questing for knowledge

☑ Expand your mind without holding an open house (other people don’t belong in there!)


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Enjoy Your Gift: