camel-love-desertPerhaps you can relate.

I’d been single for so damn long that it started looking grim—like I was on a long bumpy road headed straight for Spinster City. But I’d sooner take a cliff-dive drive, Thelma-and-Louise style, than reach that destination.

I’d become a camel, plodding across the Love Desert, expertly rationing my supplies between oases. I suppose I’d gotten fairly used to trekking solo. Nonetheless, a camel needs a hump. 🙂 I subsisted on whatever wellsprings were available—those romantic flings arising unpredictably, however fleeting and unsatisfying they may have been. But the aqueous offerings grew more meager with each passing year. Thirsty times in the midlife love-drought, I tell you.

Being as picky as I am, most men simply didn’t qualify as relationship material. My standards were simultaneously being raised and lowered because, while my spec sheet for Mr. Right was morphing into a half-ton opus, the less I knew about Mr. Right Now, the better. At one point I insisted aloud to the Universe that all I really wanted was someone who wouldn’t annoy me for a weekend. I honestly could not imagine or believe there was a man alive capable of measuring up to my seemingly lofty ideals.

Former fairytale optimism regarding love-at-first-sight sightings and “best friends as lovers” schemes had been all but squelched through years of post-divorce living. That delicious experience of full-on chemical merging, in all its physical, emotional and spiritual splendor, was reduced to a vaguer-than-vague distant memory. Of course, there was the occasional mirage, thanks to my indomitable twin-powers of delusion and desperation: a sure-as-shit Mr. Wrong masquerading as a suitable suitor. But hey, it’s easy to get waylaid on the path—especially if you’re getting way laid.

Despite all the romantic doom and gloom, some part of me knew I was biding my time. Namely, the unclouded part that watches over the fumbling part and smirks knowingly. Apparently this wiser part started flexing her smartypants muscles more often, as I became drawn to all manner of “woo-woo,” metaphysical, spiritual, and self-improvement material. It’s mostly What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation, as a matter of fact. And shockingly, a lot of that self-improvement stuff actually led me to my improved self. 🙂

Then one day, it happened.

Mr. Right On walked onto the set, emerging from the murky ethers! ‘Twas a glorious, mind-blowing thing, and I was deer-in-the-headlights incredulous at first, dumbstruck and lovestruck all at once. I mean, this man had all of the qualities I sought—and then some—embodied in one stellar male meatsuit. It was like winning the Love Lottery without ever buying a ticket.

A whirlwind tryst ensued, but I knew right away it wasn’t just another oasis destined to evaporate once he revealed his gapingly unacceptable flaws (never mind my own). Oh no, this was something else—the real deal, the whole enchilada. That heretofore-elusive but magnificent, exalted Thunderclap of Love.

One week later, I was still pinching myself when I realized just how accurate all those metaphysical teachings had been. Plus there was a new twist to my understanding: it’s not actually necessary to fully believe or even be able to visualize the complete end-product of your desire. What I learned through real-life experience, contrary to what some of the teachers were telling me, is that you don’t actually need to believe. You only need to stop actively disbelieving long enough for your MANifestation to show up. This was the beginning of my formulation of the MANifesting® Process.

My crisis of imagination, it turns out, was not fatal.

It also became plain that certain old ruts of mine had stalled the big MANifestation while other newly acquired habitudes hastened it. That became another cornerstone of the MANifesting® Process: removing impediments to Love, and creating new, helpful “love-friendly” habits in their stead.

And so, I’m inspired to share all these insights with you. I know that your journey to HookedUp City can and will be shortened and lightened by hearing about mine. The combination of my acute hindsight and your self-inflicted kindsight could be downright diabolical!

End the Love Drought!

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