Personal Mentoring with Debbianne

Clarity. Relief.


Positive Change.





Truth-bombs. Love.

Shifting. Expansion.

Soul growth.


I provide assistance with:

* Getting out of confusion and into clarity. Reclaiming your power and your happiness.

* Manifesting something (or a special someone) into your life: crafting and fine-tuning your outgoing vibrations so the Universe can deliver your heart’s desires.

* Locating blind spots in your consciousness that are preventing you from feeling powerful and happy.

* Identifying and transcending limiting beliefs and old patterns that keep you stuck.

* Transforming difficult relationships you have with other people. Bringing you to higher ground where you honestly feel good and know exactly what to do.

* Becoming more of your Ideal or True Self. Developing greater self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. Accelerating and understanding your spiritual growth.


How I work with you:

I work intuitively, in concert with my higher self, receiving “downloads” that provide you with new and expanded perspectives focused on Love and Empowerment. It’s a form of channeling (as is my writing). Words are spoken and questions are posed that open the mind to those new expanded perspectives. Energy is exchanged. Shifts and “light bulb moments” occur. Healing and releasing of unhelpful patterns and beliefs begins. Simple-but-powerful “homework assignments” are given, customized for you and for where you’re at in your journey. No cookie-cutter methods here!

One session delivers a lot of value, but you may opt for additional sessions in due time. Sometimes, with long-experienced patterns, the shifting and unraveling happens in stages. It is not uncommon for my clients to experience a big shift, then a bit of confusion a week later, followed by an even bigger, more sustainable shift. Be patient and kind to yourself.


What clients have to say:

“I never thought of a lot of things the way that you put it. Now I’m really looking at things in a different way. . .  it’s huge. I’m so happy I came across your blog!” —A. Katz in Israel

“I was so grateful for your input. Thinking about the truth of what you said. . .  it was a breath of fresh air.” —Madeleine K. in Los Angeles, CA

“Debbianne’s knowledge and intuitive understanding lasered in on exactly what my main obstacle was. In 5 minutes she was able to explain the mechanism I’d been using all my life to self-sabotage. Her help literally shook my world! With her help I am becoming the version of myself I always knew I could be. Thank you with all my heart.” —Chris T. in Boston, MA

“You are definitely my new go-to person when I need advice and guidance. I can always count on you to see the bigger picture and put things in perspective for me. I invariably come away relieved, re-energized and inspired. I got more help from you in a few sessions than I did in a couple of years of therapy!” —Susan C. in Fairfax, CA

“I really enjoyed the session and feel quite relieved to step back from the constant chatter in my head over this dilemma! Certainly I came away feeling calmer & stronger so thank you.” —Celia in London, UK

“I found your answers to be enormously helpful and chock full of useful information I needed to be reminded of. I love the way you think!” —Susie in Clear Lake, CA

“Wow. . .  that was DEEP.” —Pamela in Alameda, CA

“I’ve been implementing your suggestions and have seen some good results already. Thanks for your mentoring and I will continue to apply your teachings and see what happens.” —Layla in San Francisco, CA

“It was very comforting talking to you Debbianne. I felt a lot better afterward and eager to move forward to MANifest the man of my dreams. It’s clear now that I kept getting myself into relationships that never lasted because of this false belief I was carrying around. I finally got the clarity I needed. Thank you!” —Dee in Saudi Arabia

“I definitely feel like some serious energy work just happened. I’m really excited about it!”  —Laurie in Santa Cruz, CA

“You were able to quickly intuit what some of my pitfalls were and graciously navigate around them.”  —Madison in San Francisco, CA

“Debbianne, you have all these really supportive things to say! Thank you so much for helping me work through it all. It was helpful to look at these things and shine the light on them in a different way.” —Jamie in Missoula, MT

“I really enjoyed our session and you gave me some great ideas, some I knew but stopped applying or didn’t take to the next step.” —Gail in Berkeley, CA

“Debbianne’s infectious sense of humor and hope provides the foundation for creating a belief of the greatest kind—a belief in self. She reminds us to never take life too seriously, but to respect and honor the lessons that allow us to become the spiritually rich beings that we are.” —Michelle in Burlington, VT

“If you have a chance to connect with Debbianne, jump on it! She is inspiring, insightful, and funny.” —D. Jackson in Santa Rosa, CA

“Debbianne immediately met me at my own level of development and honed in on what she saw as my specific blocks, not wasting any time on things I was already aware of, and gave me many more things to consider about myself when I felt I’d considered them all. I have had an uplifted state of mind that has lasted long after the session.” —Laura S. in Chicago, IL




Single Ladies:
If you’re in the processing of MANifesting your man, here are some special pre-recorded MENtoring sessions that may be relevant to your particular situation.