Mentoring Sessions with Debbianne

Go from confusion and doubt to...

Clarity and Freedom.

Manifesting Love

Are you single and wanting to be with your own special someone? Debbianne mentors you to transcend the obstacles of the mind so you can experience the Love you crave. Old patterns are examined in a new light to free you up for new Love. Loving and accepting yourself makes you magnetic to Love from others, so we will amp up your self-love and self-appreciation in this journey.

Existing relationships

Are you struggling with a certain person in your life? If you're ready for a higher octave of feel-good, Debbianne mentors you to make a shift in your mind and heart. Find out what's really going on between you and the other person on a soul level. Are you ready to see this relationship with undeniable clarity, and start making changes for the highest good of all parties? Self-Love is integral to this journey.

Dream job Manifesting

Are you in the process of manifesting your Dream Job... or at least, a much better job? Debbianne mentors you to focus and re-train your mind so you can experience fulfilling employment. The journey involves enhancing your self-appreciation while examining your past/present experience with newfound clarity and Love from your Higher Self's perspective.

spiritual re-boot

Have you "fallen off the wagon" of belief? Do you feel doubtful that you really are a conscious creator—perhaps even defeated and depressed? Would you like an infusion of positive energy and higher perspective? Debbianne mentors you to see the Truth of your beautiful self and life. Gain fresh new insight that re-invigorates you with the metaphysical principles you may have (temporarily) lost faith in. You'll also come away with practical tools to keep the positive momentum going.


Feeling lost? Wondering what it is you are doing here on Earth? If you know your accurate Date/Time/Place of birth, Debbianne uses astrology to kick off this special session. Your life purpose is shown in your chart, but the Mentoring helps you understand the ways in which you are already fulfilling your mission, and gives you direction and bolstering to expand and grow. We also shine the light on recurring patterns and how they fit in to your overall life plan, plus best practices for moving forward and being happy and fulfilled.

Mentoring Options

1 Mentoring Session

  • One 60-minute Game-Changing Session via Skype or Telephone
  • Download audio recording of your session

2-Step Mentoring

  • Initial Transformative Session (60-75 minutes)
  • Vibration-affirming Follow-Up Session (45 minutes)
  • Download audio recordings of your sessions
  • Email support between sessions

4-Part Vibrational Makeover

  • Initial Transformative Session (60-75 minutes)
  • Vibration-affirming Follow-Up Session (45 minutes)
  • 2 additional Handle-What-Comes-Up Follow-Up Sessions (45 minutes)
  • Download audio recordings of your sessions
  • Email support between sessions

Are you open & ready for change?

  • Receive loving spiritual Truth Bombs!
  • Gain compassion for yourself and others
  • Experience breakthrough realizations
  • Reconnect with your Higher Self
  • Clean up your vibration—identify and release negative limiting beliefs
  • Feel happier, lighter, more confident, clear and relaxed

Frequently asked questions

…an issue that’s not listed above? Yes! I can assist you with any situation IF you are open minded and willing to take responsibility for yourself. In other words, you’re past the need to blame others, open to new ideas, and ready for positive change.

I have assisted conscious creators like you who came to me with a wide variety of issues—from dealing with personal self-sabotage to coping with narcissistic parents to publishing a book. I Mentor coaches who coach others, as well as those who live a quiet private life. All of them are lightworkers!

If you’d like to contact me and ask a question before committing to a session, please click here.

We will have a conversation over Skype or phone call that lasts usually 1 hour. But there’s much more going on beyond the five senses. It’s a form of energy work. I work intuitively, receiving “downloads” from my Higher Self that provide you with new and expanded perspectives focused on Love and Empowerment. This is a type of channeling (as are my books).

Words are spoken. Questions are posed that open your mind to these new expanded perspectives. Energy is exchanged. Shifts and “light bulb moments” occur. Healing and releasing of unhelpful patterns and beliefs begins.

I will give you simple-but-powerful “homework assignments” and practical tools that are just right for you and for where you’re at in your journey. Each session is a bit different, customized for you.

That’s up to you. We can do the session with video (so that we can see one another) or just audio if you prefer. Either way, you’ll receive an audio recording of the session to download afterward, so you can listen to it again and let it all sink into your consciousness. 

Yes! You can relax because there’s no need to take notes during the session unless you really want to. It can be very helpful to listen to the recording of the session later on in order to reinforce the mind shift and remember to do the “homework assignments.” 🙂 

Yes, if we are in the same locale. My home is based in Monterey, California. If I am traveling, we may be able to meet elsewhere. Several clients have requested in-person sessions and it was an enjoyable experience for all!

One session delivers a lot of value, but you may opt for additional sessions in due time. Sometimes when there are long-experienced patterns, the shifting and unraveling happens in stages.

It is not uncommon for Mentoring clients to experience a big shift and an uplifted state of being, then a bit of confusion a week later, followed by an even bigger, more sustainable shift. Be patient and please be kind to yourself.

There is no obligation to book more than one session, but it is recommended to consider a follow-up session in most cases. It really just depends on how much change you are ready to embrace at one time.

If you choose to book a series of sessions, you’ll have the additional benefit of email support between sessions.

Some clients come to me looking for help in manifesting several things—such as a relationship and a new job or career. 

This is normal and natural. Life does not fall into our mind’s neat categories, and often the subjects are intertwined. During your session, we will address whatever comes up and that will likely affect more than one area of your life.

However, I do recommend booking more than one session in order to do justice to all your questions and desires, and focus mainly on one major area per session. 

Click Book a Session to begin. After you fill out the form and make your selections, you will be brought to PayPal where you can pay for your session(s). After that, I will email you to get your session scheduled. 

I offer satisfaction guaranteed in the form of another session or a refund. This is for your peace of mind.

In the 7+ years I’ve been Mentoring clients, not one person has ever taken me up on this offer. They all find the Mentoring tremendously valuable and useful.

The only mild exception I can recall was a gal who seemed disappointed that she already knew everything I was teaching her. The message being delivered to her from her Higher Self was essentially, “yes, you know this stuff but you haven’t been using it!” Sometimes the ego does not like the wisdom that Higher Mind delivers. 🙂

If you are drawn to getting a session, there is a reason for it. I hope that you will feel confident in moving forward, and I am honored to be a part of your personal journey of expansion. 

Do you have a different question that’s not answered here? Contact Debbianne

Debbianne's Mentoring clients say...

"I was so grateful for your input. Thinking about the truth of what you said. . . it was a breath of fresh air."
Madeleine K.
Los Angeles, CA
"I really enjoyed the session and feel quite relieved to step back from the constant chatter in my head over this dilemma! Certainly I came away feeling calmer and stronger so thank you."
Celia V.
London, UK
"I’ve been implementing your suggestions and have seen some good results already. Thanks for your mentoring and I will continue to apply your teachings and see what happens!"
Layla E.
San Francisco, CA
"You are definitely my new go-to person when I need advice and guidance. I can always count on you to see the bigger picture and put things in perspective for me. I invariably come away relieved, re-energized and inspired. I got more help from you in a few sessions than I did in a couple of years of therapy!"
Susan T.
Fairfax, CA
"Wow. . . that was DEEP."
Pamela M.
Alameda, CA
"You helped me to stay positive and focused on what I want—instead of getting stuck in my old stories."
Debbie W.
Durham, NC
"You immediately met me at my own level of development and honed in on what you saw as my specific blocks, not wasting any time on things I was already aware of, and gave me many more things to consider about myself when I felt I’d considered them all. I have had an uplifted state of mind that has lasted long after the session!"
Laura S.
Chicago, IL
"Debbianne, you have all these really supportive things to say! Thank you so much for helping me work through it all. It was helpful to look at these things and shine the light on them in a different way."
Jamie A.
Missoula, MT
"I never thought of a lot of things the way that you put it. Now I’m really looking at things in a different way... it’s huge. I’m so happy I came across your blog!"
A. Katz
"I found your answers to be enormously helpful and chock full of useful information I needed to be reminded of. I love the way you think!"
Susie L.
Clear Lake, CA
"It was very comforting talking to you Debbianne. I felt a lot better afterward and eager to move forward. I finally got the clarity I needed. Thank you!"
Dee S.
Saudi Arabia
"You lasered in on exactly what my main obstacle was. In 5 minutes you were able to explain the mechanism I’d been using all my life to self-sabotage. Your help literally shook my world! With your help I am becoming the version of myself I always knew I could be. Thank you with all my heart."
Chris M.
Boston, MA
"Your infectious sense of humor and hope provides the foundation for creating a belief of the greatest kind—a belief in self. You reminded me not to take life too seriously, but to respect and honor the lessons."
Michelle S.
Burlington, VT
"I really enjoyed our session and you gave me some great ideas, some I knew but stopped applying or didn’t take to the next step."
Gail D.
Berkeley, CA
"I definitely feel like some serious energy work just happened. I’m really excited about it!"
Laurie S.
Santa Cruz, CA
"This has been the best investment I ever made towards becoming the best version of myself. With each session I felt more powerful, more intuitive and honest about what I wanted, and more free from limiting beliefs!"
Megan E.
Tucson, AZ
Enjoy Your Gift: