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Have you been looking for love (in all the wrong places)?

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First thing’s first. Let’s be clear…

❤ OH YES, this Love thing REALLY IS going to happen for you. 

Don’t believe it? That’s okay. The MANifesting Process doesn’t actually require you to believe! But if you learn to curtail your disbelief, even for a little while, that’s when magic can happen.



And even though your doubting mind may be telling you otherwise…

❤ Yes, there REALLY IS someone special out there just for you. ❤

There are no 1-sided coins in our Universe! When you have a dream—to share your love and your life with someone special—your special someone shares that same dream. He absolutely DOES exist, because everything exists in our abundant Universe. And he wants to be with YOU just as much as you want to be with him.

It’s a fact of life in duality!

Maybe you’re wondering…

“Can I REALLY MANifest Love using the Law of Attraction?”

I did! And you can do it too.



Get the MANifesting Recipe for Love!


Ever since I MANifested the Man of My Dreams (Tony) back in 2012, we’ve been having a blast together . . . AND also learning and growing, because that’s the real reason we spiritual-beings-pretending-to-be-human get into relationships. Relationships deeply serve us on our spiritual path, in addition to fulfilling our human/personality needs. This Earth is our spiritual training ground.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun!

Spiritual doesn’t have to mean heavy and serious. We can learn through joy just as well as we learn through struggle. (Personally, I know which one I prefer!)

Honestly, I was super picky!

My list of Man-Qualities looked more like a novelette. I did not actually BELIEVE there was a man alive who could fit the bill, because I really had not seen much evidence of him in my life. [See FUNdamental MANifesting Truth #1 above!]

Nevertheless, I believed I was worthy of such a man, if he did exist. Do you see the paradox there? It’s super important that you bolster your self-worth and feel like you truly deserve to have the high caliber of love that you crave. I mean, of course you are inherently worthy. But often we acquire false beliefs about ourselves from our experiences here in the “Earth Game” (especially during childhood). So, working through those false ideas and coming to a state of pure self-love and radical self-acceptance is part of the MANifesting® process.

Self-Love and self-appreciation is huge. It’s an irreplaceable ingredient when it comes to making yourself into a vibrational match to the love you want.

Once I got myself into vibrational alignment, he appeared on the scene with all his amazing qualities—in less than two months! I got everything I’d been wanting in a man and in a relationship, and so much more.

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You know what?

YOUR high quality Lover Man will totally amaze you, too!

Magic is afoot… if you allow it to enter your world by dismissing cynicism and negativity. It’s all about vibrational alignment. And that’s great news! Because YOU are the only one who can influence and steer your vibrational state.

Manifesting Love with the Law of Attraction

❤ Pickiness is a myth! ❤

If you’ve ever been accused of being too picky—by friends, family, or your own mind—please understand that it’s simply not true.The Universe can deliver all that your heart desires, in the form of one man… but you have to first get into vibrational alignment with what you want.




❤ Placing your order in the Cosmic Cafe 

We’re always placing orders with our thoughts, feelings and mind-pictures.

And the Universe is always listening.

Your cosmic waitress is standing by…

What are you ordering?

Do you have all the vital ingredients you need to MANifest True Love?

There may be something missing—like the spices, or even the pumpkin, in a pumpkin pie. Or maybe something is in the mix that doesn’t belong, like… motor oil in a casserole!

What you put out is what you get back, in this vibrational universe of ours. You may not be consciously aware of what’s going out. Most of us are not fully aware, because some of that vibration emanates from the unconscious sectors of our minds—in the form of unexamined limiting beliefs, for example.

One thing’s for sure. When you change your outgoing vibrations, what you get back will change. And the more you dial in the Love Recipe you’re using, the more delicious your results will be!

Download the MANifesting Recipe for Love

Take a closer look at what you’ve been serving up, vibrationally.


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Isn’t it time you moved your Relationship goal to the front burner?

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