Are you a strong independent single woman?

Yay, you! But are you a single woman who wishes she wasn’t single? Do you find it relatively easy to have things go your way when it comes to work and career, while that Big Love MANifestation has been frustratingly elusive?

Many single women I work with have an abundance of Yang energy, and a deficit of Yin. Please don’t misinterpret my words though. This is not a criticism or an indictment of any kind! It makes perfect sense that we modern women would become “over-yangified.” I certainly was… until I figured out how to balance my energies.

My overly yang years corresponded exactly to my years of singledom. And since I’ve become more energetically balanced, the Man of My Dreams showed up (and we’re still together, happily, after 6+ years). Ladies, please listen with an open mind to what I have to say here, because I really want you to be in love with an amazing man.

There is a good reason for leaning heavily on the Yang side.

In a way, it’s survival. Or adaptation. Yang power serves us in many ways—in the workplace particularly. However, when it comes to Love with an amazing Man, too much yang is a big deterrent. And the way I define Yin and Yang, too much Yang is also a deterrent for manifesting in general. Being energetically balanced, on the other hand, makes you quite magnetic to the goods!

Before you jump to any conclusions, give me a minute to elaborate. Yin and Yang energies are not necessarily cookie-cutter concepts equating to female and male. It’s a bit more complex than that. When I say “over-yangified,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re acting like a dude (that’s part of it, yes… but not the whole story.)

What does “over-yangified” mean?

First, I need to define what I mean by Yin and Yang energies.You may choose to define these energies differently, but I’m going to give you my working definitions, so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I’m here to help you become more balanced, if you’re currently imbalanced, so that you can attract the high caliber of love you want and deserve.


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Let’s talk about Yang Energy

Yang is associated with masculine energy, and Yin with feminine energy. But we all have both varieties in us. It’s just a matter of what mixture you’re running at any given time.

Yang is action oriented. It’s that go-out-and-get-it zeal. Think of a caveman batting something over the head and dragging it home. Ha! Well, that’s not to imply that Yang is unsophisticated. It’s not. It’s just… energized. It’s outward-leaning.

Describing these energies is always going to be a limiting endeavor, because they are eternal and multi-dimensional. There are at the core of duality. But I have to give it a go, because words are all I have right now to help you understand the importance of finding balance.

Yang is active effort. It’s the part of you that makes things happen on your own. Yang reaches out toward the thing it wants and grabs it. It’s assertiveness, bordering on aggression at times. It’s pushing the envelope.

Yang is also giving. Many women have been socialized to give, give, give until the cows come home, without ever receiving a damn thing in return. Some of my MENtoring clients are women recovering from People-Pleasing Syndrome, which is very, very common (and it affects men too).

Now you’re starting to glimpse the complexity of Yang energy. It’s not strictly male energy. Both men and women get caught up in the people pleasing thing—giving too much and not receiving enough. That’s an overabundance of yang at work.

Now, as a single gal who wants to find a wonderful man to settle down with, you may need to tweak your energies in order to magnetize him. Too much yang is offputting. If you do everything for yourself, he has no place in your life. If you’re so busy doing, doing, doing, and never stopping to just be, how on earth is he going to connect with you? Cultivating your yin side softens you, makes you magnetic and attractive in many ways.

But it’s about so much more than gender roles.

Being over-yangified is letting your ego run the show. Bringing in more yin equates to trusting your higher self and the universe to help you out. And that may be a big leap, depending on how entrenched you are in the yang ways of doing things. But believe me, this is going to make all the difference for you. This is the missing link for your MANifesting journey.

What about having too much Yin?

Yin is passive. It’s allowing. And receiving. It is associated with feminine energy, traditionally, because it’s the part of us that nurtures. That probably sounds confusing, because we think that nurturing involves a lot of doing. Not in the yin version of it! Think of a wise loving mother who simply listens to her child’s angst and foibles and heals through being present and loving. Action is not required with yin.

Yin is the part of us that remains in tune with the Divine. The part that KNOWS all is well, and that we are temporary travelers on this Earth. The part that can sit back, relax, and allow it all to unfold.

Sometimes, a gal (or a guy) is running an overabundance of yin and a deficit of yang. This is the case of too much passivity. Not taking sufficient action when action would be beneficial. Not contributing to the whole in proper balance.

Any sort of imbalance is bound to make us unhappy and cause difficulty in our lives.

When it comes to MANifesting Love, an overly Yin woman may find herself in tricky situations with unsuitable suitors if she has not stood up for herself. If you tend to go along with what other people say, and always defer to others for their opinions and preferences, you are probably heavily yin. In that case, you’ll want to learn greater self-assertiveness.

Chronic imbalances usually stem from childhood experiences, and the limiting beliefs they engender. The early human is fraught with misunderstandings that imprint us with imbalanced habits. It makes sense. We do what we do to survive—because it really is a matter of primal needs when you are little. But as adults, we can re-write the rules, and establish new habits. And when we do, we reap the results of manifestation!

Are you a single alpha career woman?The point of all this is simple: balance makes us happy.

The right mix of yin and yang is going to be different for each person, in each circumstance, at a given time. You’ll know you’ve got the mix just right when life is flowing smoothly, without much strife or strenuous effort… but at the same time, without feeling like you’re doing too much or receiving too little.

Finding that magical fulcrum takes practice, but it can be done! Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in your MANifesting Journey. I have books and courses for you, as well as private MENtoring sessions. Let’s get you hooked up soon!

With Love & Support,



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