Laughing_gold_BuddhaWhether it’s a new job, a restored-to-health meatsuit, a soul-mate, or a chicken sandwich that you’re fixin’ to manifest, managing your vibration is the shortest distance between you and the goods.

Your vibration defines your point of attraction.

That is to say, whatever you’re currently and recently and most frequently emanating determines what can physically manifest or show up in your sphere of perception. It’s all out there really. Everything already exists, including the stuff you want and imagine getting (and a whole lotta other stuff you probably can’t imagine). It’s just that… one cannot perceive what one is not the vibration of. The simple solution is to alter your vibration. Of course there are many means of upgrading your vibes, but laughter is a surefire tool. Have you ever gotten really serious about something—and damn stubborn about remaining serious—until a friend came along and forced you to crack a smile?

Take a cue from the Laughing Buddha. That dude knows where it’s at:  Amusement is a most exalted vibration. I’d say it’s right up there with joy, bliss, lollipops and pony rides. Ever try to control someone who’s amused? You can’t do it! It’s utter freedom—self-sovereignty at its finest. As one of my favorite teachers, Lisa French, puts it: “Having a sense of hilarity lifts us up out of the pain and the struggle.”

Sure, it’s easy to just forget about your troubles, go watch a funny movie and raise your vibes that way. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you can also choose to see the humor in anything that’s at hand. It’s truly a matter of perspective, which is why we humans often disagree with each other about what is or isn’t funny. Well, if you’re feeling brave and want to take a crack at cracking up about “real life” scenarios, go ahead and don the Levity Viewmaster.

Here’s what I recommend:

da_viewmasterStep 1: Recall that you are an infinite, invincible spiritual being who has temporarily squeezed a portion of her consciousness into a very narrow focus (and taken on some limiting beliefs in the process) in order to take part in the Earth Game. Why? Because you’re an infinite spirit-being who got bored in the eternally groovy non-physical game, that’s why.

Step 2: Expand your perspective upward and outward, big time. Imagine you are looking at life on Earth through the eyes of an omniscient, overjoyed onlooker. “Wow, what a big crazy, colorful, teeming-with-life-and-possibilities experiment we have here! It’s a sort of petri dish playground. Anything and everything goes.” Each time a human utters a new (to him) and perhaps awkward turn-of-phrase… or creates a new (to her) interesting-but-unpalatable culinary concoction, the All-That-Is sighs happily. Another fix, another injection of experience. Judgment? What’s that? Never hoid-of-it.

Step 3: From your All-That-Is perch in the heavens, what strikes you as amusing about Earth life? Is it the way humans construct buildings… then blow them up? Or that they worship gods with projected qualities of wrath? Perhaps it’s the part where they’re SO utterly immersed in the Earth Game that they’ve completely forgotten they’re even playing it? What a hoot! TV’s got nothin’ on the Human Reality Show.

Step 4: What’s funny about your own life—your own participation in the Earth Game during this round? Okay, I’ll go first. “That was amazing how I overlooked certain information so I could fall in love with that one guy—such precise powers of self-deception and selective observation! Sheer comic genius.” And then: “Wow, now that was some top-shelf bio-family dysfunction. Apparently I thought it was a good idea to be born into THAT clan. Hilarious set-up for later plot twists. Bravo!” Maybe you’ll be in stitches observing how cartoon-like you look racking up all sorts of credit card debt… or watching your knee-slapping performance as Subservient Female Employee Extraordinaire. I dunno, funny is in the mind of the sense-of-humor holder. You can always get a good belly laugh revisiting the scene where you swore Sean Cassidy was the Man of Your Dreams.

Step 5: If Step 4 isn’t quite tickling your funny bone, try it again in the company of a good friend. You know, that one friend who always laughs at inappropriate times? Yeah, that one. Or try this: think of your life scenes as part of a movie—a comedy, of course—and imagine how the screenwriter would craft it (pick someone funny you dig… Woody Allen? Chelsea Handler?) It’s likely to elicit an inner snort or chuckle.

While you’re preoccupied having a blast in your Self-Amusement Park, the Universe is free to sneak up and leave some pleasing manifestations on your doorstep. If you keep this little Levity Lecture in the back of your mind, it may come to the forefront when you need it most: after you’ve slipped back into The Drama. And then one day, when you decide to shed your meatsuit once and for all and blow this Earthbound popsicle stand, you’ll wake up, rub your etheric eyes, and say: “Huh! I just had the funniest dream…”

Your partner in cackling crimes,