If you truly want to be in a loving relationship with a wonderful man…

If you’re seeking powerful tools to transform old love-patterns…

If you’re willing to take an honest look within your consciousness and make any necessary adjustments…

. . . then you’re in the right place.


MANifesting Bootcamp will empower you to answer some long-held and confusing Love-Questions:

teal-checkmarkWhy do I attract only inappropriate, unavailable men—or no men at all?

teal-checkmarkHow is it possible that a woman like me has no male equivalent?

teal-checkmarkIs what I want in a relationship even possible? (Sneak preview: YES!)

teal-checkmarkMust I lower the bar and settle, or else stay single all my life? (Hint: NO!)

teal-checkmarkHow can I stop old patterns from repeating ever again?

teal-checkmarkCan I learn to trust Love and trust men?

teal-checkmarkHow can I avoid getting trapped in a bad relationship?

Your Man DOES exist.

And he’s as eager to meet up as you are! 

Remember, there are no 1-sided coins. Your dream is shared by another! There IS a perfect match for YOU. Everything exists in our abundance universe, and “everything” includes the Man of Your Dreams.

If you’re not seeing much evidence of the Man of Your Dreams, it’s only because you’re not yet a vibrational match to what you want. That’s great news, actually, because you can change your vibrational state. It’s entirely an inside job.

You’re NOT too picky!

MANifesting® Bootcamp will teach you how to be picky the Smart Way, so you can experience all that your heart desires in your forthcoming relationship. 

What DOESN’T MATTER is what you look like, how old you are, where you live, and what places you frequent (or don’t frequent). Vibration is what matters—from the inside out. When you become a vibrational match to what you want in a Man and a relationship, the who / how / where / when details of your MANifestation all fall into place.

YOUR JOB is to make yourself into a vibrational match to your ideal version of true love, and MANifesting® Bootcamp gives you the step-by-step guidance to focus and get the job done.

What exactly does “vibrational match” mean?


Universal law is constantly matching up things, people, and situations of like vibration. It’s as if we live in a gigantic automated sorting-magnet that never shuts off. So the easiest way to get what you want is to transform your own vibrational state, and allow the universe to do the heavy lifting.

Your vibrational state is the totality of the energetic signals you’re sending out. It’s composed of your beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and feelings—some you are consciously aware of, and others, not so much. Limiting beliefs tend to remain in the unconscious realms until we deliberately choose to make changes.

Whatever is happening (or not happening) in your love life is a reflection of your total consciousness, or your vibrational state. When you’re getting mixed results, such as meeting guys who are “okay” but not quite appropriate for you, it only means that you are sending out mixed signals. That’s not a call for self-criticism, though. It’s an incentive to make some tweaks and reap the rewards.

Our work here is to clarify and unify those signals.


At MANifesting® Bootcamp, we fine-tune your vibration in 2 major ways:

1.) Weed out the vibrational impediments to love.

You will use powerful tools and well-designed processes to consciously identify what has, until now, remained unconscious, and to cultivate new helpful beliefs and habits. You will reclaim your power over limiting beliefs, rather than allowing them to keep running roughshod over YOU.

2.) Amp up the positive signals in your vibration.

You will use fun techniques and unique tools that produce immediate pleasing MANifestations.

Think of it as a Vibrational Make-over!


What you can expect from MANifesting® Bootcamp:

pink-checkmark You will gain clarity and self-compassion around your Love Patterns and be empowered to change them.

pink-checkmarkYou will learn how to be picky The Smart Way so you can have all that your heart desires. Yay!

pink-checkmarkYou will rebuild your personal vibration and transform yourself into a proper Love Magnet.

pink-checkmarkYou will identify ways in which your yin-yang energies have been imbalanced, and re-balance them.

pink-checkmarkYou will identify Limiting Beliefs that have been keeping Love at a distance, then send them packing!

pink-checkmarkYou will feel confident in knowing and feeling that your Love Life has been rebooted!

My Personal Love Story: From jaded and single to happily hooked-up-for-life with the Man of My Dreams

If you read How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting yours then you already know about my initial “Monro-mance” with Tony, and all the amazing synchronicities that happened.

But going further back, my story involves a string of unhappy short-lived relationships for years before I realized I was creating my own reality. I’ll admit I was a little “thick” and didn’t see my own self-sabotaging patterns for a long time. Which is why I love helping women like you jettison to the finish line! I have so much love-life-changing information to share with you, and together we can reboot your love life quickly.

Before I understood how I was self-generating my misery, I used to complain a lot about the lack of good men. Like the “fact” that most of them were only interested in women half their age. Or the part where “spiritual” guys and the guys I was attracted to were completely different groups of men, and never the two shall meet. [Does that kind of “either/or” conundrum sound familiar? Don’t worry, it’s just a mirage created by limiting beliefs.]

In my days of unconscious creating, all the guys I met were either too wimpy, broke, immature, non-committal, or otherwise inappropriate. Emotionally unavailable was a running theme. That’s a big one, right? But in truth, it was I who was “vibrationally unavailable.” The men were merely reflecting this back to me, just as the “Cosmic Waitress” takes our orders without editing them.

Choose your thoughts wisely when manifesting love
From the book How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting® Yours

It turns out I had negative limiting beliefs (gasp!) about love and relationships, as many of us do. And I was highly “over-yangified” in those days, as most modern women are—meaning, I was operating with way too much yang-power while squandering my yin-power.

When I took the time to remedy these two issues, I immediately started seeing more suitable suitors! Results come quickly once you make the necessary changes. I didn’t meet MY Man right away though. It took a few months. Not that YOURS has to take that long. Honestly, it all depends on how quickly you are able to shift and let go of the old limiting patterns. That is another thing I love helping women with: the waiting period and the discernment process, whether or not you get involved with dating. There really is such a thing as Divine Timing, so you can’t exactly force the timing of your ultimate MANifestation—but you wouldn’t want to, either! You’ll get the scoop after you and Your Man unite, and it’s going to be SO worth whatever wait is required.

mymanifestationMostly, delays are due to resistance in your vibration. What you can do to speed things up—and this is what MANifesting® Bootcamp is all about—is to work on yourself.

But please, don’t get me wrong. When I say “work on yourself,” I’m not talking about self-criticism. It’s quite the opposite. I advocate radical self-love and self-acceptance. I’m saying, “yes, makes some changes within yourself” but do it for YOU. Do it because you deserve to feel good and be the best version of yourself possible.

By taking the time to clean up your vibration and empower yourself, you are gaining new habits and tools that remain valuable for the rest of your life. After all, when you meet Your Man, it’s not like your spiritual journey stops. If anything, it accelerates, because the truth is that relationships do not merely fulfill our needs; they spur us on to greater personal growth.

When you prioritize your own empowerment, you attract a high-quality man with whom you can continue to grow and expand through the synergy of Love.

I’ve been asked a number of times to write another book called, “How to Live With the Man of Your Dreams,” which is hilarious, but obviously needed. (I’ll get to it one of these days in a long line of projects.) Relationships challenge us. Yes, they bring much joy and fun into our lives, but they also challenge us. It’s their higher purpose. A high-quality relationship challenges both of you (in gentle, loving ways) to become better versions of yourselves. The more self-aware you are before the relationship begins, the more ease and joy you will experience after the relationship gets rolling.

If all you want to know is “Where should I go and what should I wear to meet executives who’ll buy me a big rock?” then I’m probably not your gal. 🙂 Not that there’s anything wrong with money or diamonds! Seriously, there’s no judgmentality here. I’m only saying that MANifesting® Bootcamp goes a lot deeper than that. It is about your physical, material and emotional desires, yes, but it’s also about your spiritual journey. It’s about preparing you to get all that your heart desires PLUS all that your soul needs  in one man/relationship. Obviously that kind of holistic approach is not going to work for everyone. But if you are a gal who’s interested in raising consciousness and self-improving, you’re in good hands here.

The cool thing is that I’ve managed to boil the subject matter down into easy-to-swallow, bite-sized nuggets. So even though the issues are deep, your participation in the course is going to be highly organized and as “plug-n-play” as possible. Still, I need to be clear that there is no substitute for your willingness to look inside yourself and make some changes. No person or program can do that for you.

Relationships do not merely fulfill our needs—they spur us on to greater personal growth.

The other reason I brought up that “get the rock” joke is that the where and how of meeting Your Man is a non-concern. It’s the job of the Universe (or your Higher Self). Trying to strong-arm the details of your MANifestation is not only unhelpful, it’s also a prime example of overusing Yang power. I will teach you to use your Yin power more effectively so you’ll feel more relaxed, happy and feminine… and get wonderful results.

There are a few more things you should know about me. I used to be an engineer, a trainer, and a college instructor. Essentially, I’ve been a writer and a teacher all my life. I spent a LOT of time crafting the program in such a way that makes it easy for you to use. I want you to reach those “light bulb” moments quickly. I’m aware that people have different learning styles and I’m also very aware that you likely have a busy life. So I’ve trimmed the fat, so to speak, to deliver you just the prime content. I’m an artist too, so I enjoy making the materials pretty to look at. And lastly, I’m something of a mother hen! I genuinely care deeply about all my “chicks,” so I like to keep in touch as time goes by. And I especially love hearing about your juicy MANifesting success stories when they happen.



 Get on the Road to Love

It’s time to give those old love patterns and limiting beliefs the boot!

milestone1Milestone 1:  Well-Oiled Machine

teal-checkmarkUnderstand what Yin and Yang energies are

teal-checkmarkIdentify Yin-Yang imbalances in yourself

teal-checkmarkBegin restoring balance

GOAL: Be able to see yourself more clearly as the multi-dimensional creator that you are! Honor your strength and adaptability. Understand that altering your mix of yin-yang energies will yield greater personal happiness. Take immediate practical action to start shifting the balance of your energies.

milestone2Milestone 2: Roadmap

teal-checkmarkClarify Your Ideal Relationship

teal-checkmarkExtract the gems from roads traveled (past relationships)

teal-checkmarkObserve and record your mind’s objections 

GOAL: Expand your mindset around what is possible for you and men and Love. Honor your true heart’s desires. Feel excited, open and expansive! Cleverly “harvest” negative backlash to be used constructively at the next milestone.

milestone3Milestone 3:  Road-block Removal

teal-checkmarkIdentify your Limiting Beliefs

teal-checkmarkUnderstand how and why Limiting Beliefs were adopted

teal-checkmarkUse your Emotional GPS to chart a new course

GOAL: Adopt eagle-eye vision for spotting mind-obstacles. Use a step-by-step process to toss out old beliefs like clothes that are threadbare and no longer fit you! Clear out the mind-clutter. Sort out truth from fiction. Tap into your inner/higher guidance.

milestone4Milestone 4:  Tune-Up

teal-checkmarkRe-program your beliefs for Love-Success!

teal-checkmarkSee your romantic patterns and history in a brand new, empowering light

teal-checkmarkUse simple effective tools for ongoing mind management

GOAL:  Reprogram yourself with positive new helpful beliefs to replace the old negative ones you liberated at the last milestone. Sweep the cobwebs out of your heart! Feel more clarity, peace and positive momentum than ever before.

milestone5Milestone 5:  Shifting into High Gear

teal-checkmarkGet Picky—the Smart Way

teal-checkmarkExperience pleasing new MANifestations!

teal-checkmarkContinue clearing Roadblock rubble

GOAL: Take to the open road! Play a very fun and instantly-gratifying game. Become a collector of pleasing MANifestations. Crank up your positive MAN-signals. Clean up any remaining mind-rubble from the last two milestones for a smooth trip to the finish line.

milestone6Milestone 6:  Bring it on Home

teal-checkmarkLearn to discern Suitable Suitors from Impostors

teal-checkmarkUnderstand the timing of your Big Meet

teal-checkmarkStay on course, beyond this course

GOAL: Begin to master the Art of Discernment, now that Men are showing up in response to your new vibrational state! Maintain clarity of focus. Understand Divine Timing. Use dating (and Internet Dating) in a whole new empowering way. Adopt new habits for enduring happiness.


You are NOT too picky!

(You just need to reboot your Love Vibration.)

Enroll now and receive instant access to:

6 Targeted Virtual Classes

Take one class per week, or if you prefer, travel more quickly or more slowly. Each class provides a bounty of uplifting life-changing teachings and straightforward instructions for how to use the PDF Worthsheets and the MP3 Audio. It’s all laid out for you like a trail of popcorn, one kernel at a time. Deep, but streamlined.

Step-by-Step Worthsheets

Thoughtfully-crafted and beautifully designed step-by-step Worthsheets are ready for you to print out, fill in, and put into action to make big changes within yourself. These are the heart of the program. They take all those swirly nebulous thoughts out of your head and into the light where we sort them out. The sequencing of your custom Worthsheets makes it possible for you to transform confusion and doubt into clarity and empowerment. 

Recordings to watch, listen to, download and save to your favorite gadgets.

Need a bolstering chat at 3:00 in the morning, or a replay of that one super-thought-provoking class while you’re driving or working out? You got it. The classes are provided in both video and audio formats for maximum convenience. 

Powerful audio gifts

Working with energy beyond the realm of the everyday “monkey mind” is powerful and oh-so-important. You’ll be using several special Audio Journeys to: clear and release unwanted energies, build more helpful beliefs that support your Love Goals, and connect with Your Man in energetic realms (even before you two have met physically!)

Also included is a very special Affirmation Audio track, embedded with over 100 subliminal positive love-affirmations! Listen to it as you fall asleep and effortlessly reprogram your mind for love-success.

Unique Exercises & Specialized Tools

You’ll be using some highly unusual and powerful tools at MANifesting Bootcamp—some of which are esoteric visual tools, some action-oriented practices. They really add some “juice” to the other empowerment work we do that is more intellectual or cerebral. In other words, we are firing you up (for Love) on all cylinders.

TOTAL VALUE of Finding the Love of Your Life:


MANifesting® Bootcamp gives you all the tools and guidance you need to MANifest True Love.

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