Manifesting can be magical. Let the magic in!During my Inadvertent House-Flipper days in Oregon 

I was just bursting with creativity. In fact, that’s what motivated me to buy my very own ugly-duckling home: it was a giant canvas. The fact that I was engaging in house-flipping only occurred to me after I had sold a transformed house or two. I didn’t realize I was doing anything other than following my artistic bliss. But that’s the beauty of living an intuitively guided life—you get to be surprised (and hopefully delighted) by the plot twists and the magic that you never saw coming.

I was young and inspired. I had far more in the way of artistic inspiration than common sense or funds to complete all the projects I’d started. But as I’ll explain in a minute, those conditions were actually perfect for ushering in the far greater creativity of the Universe.

Among the more prominent DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects on my plate was the design and construction of a huge mosaic-tiled shower room. Smashing up tiles with a hammer, sorting the fragments by color, then re-arranging them into designs—this had become an epic community endeavor at my casa.

Even though I’d amassed a ginormous tile collection over the course of two years—consisting of leftovers from other people’s projects, sweet deals from the Habitat Re-Store, and dumpster diving bounty—it somehow wasn’t enough tile. Not nearly enough! Only halfway through the shower project, I was shocked to realize I’d used up all my tiles.

Ironically, though I was wildly creative in an outward sense, my limited human mind could only conceive of a measly two options to solve the conundrum. I could buy the remaining tiles at retail (which seemed impossible on a shoestring budget) or wait another two years for more slow, cheap tile acquisition (which was really depressing).

I was at a standstill, so I simply turned my attention away. That was easy to do, though, considering I had a mess of electrical wires protruding from the ceiling. And a whole mess of other house-remodeling projects needing my attention.

Whatever the path of least resistance is. . . take it! (It might just lead to a magical manifestation)

A few weeks later, I was re-plastering the walls of my living room when the magic happened. There came a knock on the door—literally. Putting down my trowel and my bucket of gypsum plaster, I swung open the front door to discover two friendly women on my doorstep. Would I be interested in some crates of tiles? They pointed to their pick-up truck on the street below. Would I!??!??

What you seek is seeking you. Life is filled with magic and miraculous manifestations!These kind strangers worked at the illustrious Ann Sacks Tile Company for many years, squirreling away the choicest pieces. But now they were Alaska-bound and eager to lighten their load. Within minutes I’d been gifted an assortment of boxes chock full of gorgeous brand new designer tiles—thousands of dollars worth! Enough to complete my shower room mega-project! And the gift came out of nowhere from total strangers.

How on earth did this happen? Well, I did have some burgeoning mosaic art projects on the outside wall that presumably caught their eye, but this was clearly the magic of the universe at work. I mean, they could have given the tiles to anyone, but they pulled over at my house and brought them to ME.

I often reflect fondly on this tile tale to remind myself of two key manifesting principles:

Magic Manifesting Principles

  1. The divine solution always serves the highest good of all parties involved (even if we don’t understand this).

  2. The magical solution shows up when all resistance in is gone. (In this case, being insanely busy and immersed in other problem-solving activities was a very effective way to divert my mind. Whatever the path of least resistance is. . . take it!)

Of course, the mind-metaphor was not lost on me: taking something solid, smashing it to bits, then rearranging the shards to create new beauty. If we yield our thoughts and beliefs to the hammer of change, the result is a huge unsalvageable mess! Well, for a little while—until we relax and allow something pleasingly novel to emerge. Never underestimate the power of letting go.

Manifesting for DummiesMagic does happen, when we allow it. Too often, as grown-ups, we block the magic. We get grizzled as the years go by. And yet, the magic is still there, waiting to swoop into our reality at any time. Let it in! Let the magic find YOU.

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P.S. There were several houses and more than a few months of mosaic madness going on in my life during those house flipping years, so not all of these mosaics were done using the magical tiles. But they were all magical community art projects!

Magical hawaii mosaic tile masterpiece, made with the magic tiles gifted to me!
I was dreaming of Hawaii so I decided to tile this bathroom with palm trees, waterfalls, volcanos, sunsets and magic!
Community art magic
My friend Dan Miller did the organic tree scene on the left. My work is the bold “fire-and-water” mosaic on the right.