So, I did a Liver Cleanse.

And it was a transcendent experience. But don’t worry, I’m not about to post grotesque pictures of parasites and gallstones like some people do! Not that there’s anything wrong with all that. Gross details are really helpful, in fact, if you’ve never done cleansing before. It’s just that my focus is on self-improvement of the spiritual kind.

My acupuncturist had brilliantly sleuthed a puzzle of seemingly disparate bodily concerns, and it all pointed succinctly to two things: liver and gallbladder meridians. So a liver cleanse was like one-stop-shopping. I was way past the point of wondering whether the whole cleansing thing was quackery or not, and past the squeamishness of swallowing some ill-tasting medicine, because I’d done cleansing before and reaped the benefits. The proof is in the proverbial pudding.

As a conscious student of manifesting and the Law of Attraction, you might be wondering, “Why don’t you change your physical body conditions by reprogramming your mind?” Great question! Thanks for asking.

And the answer is: “You might, rabbit, you might.” It’s entirely possible to re-pattern your physical body from the mental or energetic realms of your consciousness. But we tend to have limiting beliefs around that sort of thing. Sometimes the path of least resistance is to work within existing beliefs, rather than laboring to change them. For instance, if you believe that our environment is toxic, it’s probably easier to go with those beliefs and just physically cleanse the toxins than it is to reprogram the mind to feel powerful enough to override those toxins. Likewise, I use sunscreen because it’s easy to do, and because reprogramming my beliefs about my skin’s ability to handle solar exposure is just not a high priority for me.

Now of course YOU might take a different approach than I did. I’m not advocating for anyone to do a cleanse, but if you’re considering it already, I just want to offer some food for thought about the connection between the body and emotions.

My belief (and believe me, we are all chock full of beliefs, many of which contradict each other!) is that the physical body has a consciousness of its own, and that each organ and sub-system and cell has a consciousness too. The physical body is surely responsive to the mental body and the energy bodies, but sometimes the most effective way to deal with physical stuff is to use physical solutions. At the same time, it behooves us to cultivate an attitude of curiosity and openness toward the non-physical origins of the problem or imbalanced state.

If we ONLY treat things in the physical dimension, and if it’s something chronic, it will likely return (possibly in a different form or the same form and location in the body) until we address that emotional root cause. Dis-ease or imbalance always carries with it a message, but we don’t always care to open the envelope and read it. Sometimes we shoot the messenger. And sometimes we’re completely clueless and oblivious to the whole thing.

In a spiritual-emotional-energetic sense, the liver and gallbladder are associated with processing anger. In a physical sense, these two organs use bile to break down some of the food we eat. Notice how the English language mirrors this: a bilious person is essentially a cantankerous buzzkill. So if you have liver issues, it’s likely that some anger issues are also present. I’ll be the first to admit that it was definitely true for me.

Anger is not something that most people like to discuss, let alone explore.

We in the New Age-y world sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that anything “negative” is to be avoided like the Plague, because we might manifest negative things if we allow ourselves to experience negative emotion. But the truth is, if you’ve got anger in you, you’re much better off releasing it than pretending it’s not there!

If you sweep something under the rug, that doesn’t make it go away. It only creates a lump on the floor for everyone to trip over. 🙂 [Have you read this post about the connection between buried anger and thwarted manifestations?]

Consider, also, the possibility that if you are a sensitive loving person, you may be “storing” anger from other people. Women do it all the time (and so do some men). Some call it “sponge healing.” It’s when we unknowingly absorb someone else’s angry energy in an unconscious attempt to heal them or to make the situation better. It doesn’t work, of course. But that doesn’t stop us from doing it, because it generally happens at a level beyond logic and conscious awareness. (And yes, all this is just another set of beliefs! Everything is, but again, I recommend going with the path of least resistance since we each have thousands and thousands of beliefs to reckon with. As in child rearing, you may want to “pick your battles.”)

So many women experience health issues in the “baby making machine,” and the liver is known to be connected to all of that. It’s no random coincidence that our reproductive bits are located near the 2nd chakra—the spot in our energy bodies that has to do with emotion and relationships.

Indeed, I was having major issues with my cycle back in the day, but experienced MAJOR improvement the first time I did a liver flush. Some say it’s because our modern Earthly environment is jam packed with toxic chemicals, and I don’t doubt it! But the truth is that when you put different people in the same environment, they respond differently. Our emotional/mental/psychological/spiritual inputs explain the difference. Some get ill, some don’t. Emotions play a gigantic role.

I find it extremely helpful to combine the physical with the emotional/energetic/spiritual in a total healing approach. I think that’s a big reason why EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) is so popular: it gives you something physical (the tapping) to focus on and do and believe in. We are such physically-oriented beings! I know some belief-coaches would say that the physical tapping is merely a “permission slip” for you to make changes in your consciousness. And perhaps that is true.

But most everything IS a permission slip. Your trust in a surgeon, a procedure, a medicine—it’s all belief. So if the act of tapping on meridian points allows your mind to shift favorably, do it! Whatever works for you… works. Anything that helps you heal—and become more whole, and closer to your higher self—is a tool to embrace. For some people, that might mean surgery or pharmaceuticals even. I’m not about to judge other people’s tools. 

Physical disease is rooted in our emotions

I let this Liver Cleanse sign my “permission slip” to feel lighter and happier and healthier. After I downed my icky olive-oil-and-grapefruit “potion” to extricate gallstones and parasites and god-knows-what from my body’s second largest organ, I did a meditation. I had already set my intention beforehand to release anger and understand more about the origins of my own angry tendencies. So when I meditated, though I slipped in and out of conscious awareness, I had some really interesting realizations. Being in a relaxed meditative, non-resistant state is the best way to get a good look at your own patterns of behavior. When you’re in that higher-vibrational place, it’s as if you can “look down” upon your life and see things with a certain degree of detachment.

[Psst! I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from this blog from people wanting to know exactly which liver flush I did, so I’m going to share it with you below.]

By the way, falling asleep or “clicking out” during meditation isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing. We get what we need. Apparently some learning happens more effectively when our pesky logical minds are out of the way! After all, that’s why we go to sleep at night—we return to our non-physical “real” selves. We go to school each night on the astral plane!

The next morning I awoke with very clear dream recall. What’s really interesting is that the dreams had to do with stuff that happened years ago—stuff that had triggered anger when it was happening in real time. To me, this shows that the healing is taking place in stages or layers.

anger release for spiritual peopleMost alternative health practitioners who recommend liver cleansing will tell you that more than one flush is needed. They gauge it by the number of physical “stones” you get out, but I like to tune in to the bigger issues and notice when they feel clear. Some of this anger originates beyond this lifetime, even. Deep-seated patterns are carried forth from other lifetime experiences that our souls have (in different bodies, different time eras, and even different dimensions). But the point is we can now heal the pattern once and for all.

Oh, and I also felt really good after the cleanse! Lots more energy. You can’t help but feel better when you release baggage that doesn’t belong—toxins and toxic emotions. Good riddance.

liver original

This goofy cartoon liver actually has a point—it’s literally pointing up! And “up” is a great place to send the anger energy: into the cosmos for transmutation, or “up” to your Higher Self (or God, or your angels) for healing. Alternatively, you could send it “down” to the Earth’s core to be recycled into “clean” usable energy. Either way, you might just ask your angel-amigos for assistance (they’re ready, willing and able to help you, you know).

Just begin with an intention to release that shit. Intention is powerful. You don’t have to know exactly how or what it is that you’re doing. You don’t even have to know what you’re angry about (though if you do have a lot of obvious anger, please do make use of the 3-Day Anger Letter technique). I imagine most everyone has some of that green bilious energy in them just by virtue of being here in this crazy Earth Game, because let’s face it, there is no lack of injustice to experience here. There’s plenty to be angry about. Oh, and that’s another thing: please don’t criticize yourself for having anger. It’s completely understandable. There is nothing “bad” or “wrong” about you, and there never could be. YOU are a perfect unique aspect of Divinity.

When I did the 3-Day Anger Letter for the first time, really positive manifestations happened! It’s truly amazing what can happen when you release old repressed negative emotions from your consciousness. The question is, what beautiful positive changes might occur in YOUR life? Try the 3-Day Anger Letter Technique and find out!


The Big Flush

As I lay there meditating, with that liquid Liver Flush concoction doing its job on my organs, I received a series of insightful downloads about my past. I saw patterns I hadn’t pieced together previously. You might say I was “aflush with new understanding.” I suddenly got how anger had been transmitted down the family lineage. And I felt infused with a new vigor to overcome these vestigial patterns of reactivity. Actually, I’d already transcended them to a large extent (since this wasn’t my first self-improvement rodeo), but this recent cleansing/meditation experience was a boost up to the next rung of the expansion ladder. It’s a ladder that, of course, has no beginning nor end, but that shouldn’t keep us from hobbling up it, right?

We’re on a never-ending soul journey that has no beginning or end, learning to love and accept ourselves along the way.

We’ll always be expanding into, and discovering more of, our true selves. Yes, even when we no longer shlep around these physical bodies with their livers and gallbladders and all the other amazing parts. The spiritual progression never ends. We are all interminable spiritual spelunkers and  eternal explorers of consciousness!

And just like anything else, anger is a valid and useful experience. Yet our true selves are not anger-riffic. Knowing and becoming more of our true selves is, in my opinion, the aim of personal growth work. So we are hosing off the acquired mud that covers up our inner diamonds. Use whatever tools and methods inspire you!

Whether or not you’re one of the nutty people like me who’s willing to fast and swallow yucky-tasting stuff, if you suspect you’re harboring some unhealthy anger, please try using the 3-Day Anger Letter Technique. It’s easy to follow, it gets amazing results, and it’s totally free. You have nothing to lose but some old anger! And everything wonderful to gain when nature fills that void with positive stuff.

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To Your Health,


P.S.: As promised, I’m going to share more details about the Liver Cleanse itself. I started out with the traditional recipe from Dr. Hulda Clark (here it is without attribution). HOWEVER, I have modified it somewhat. Her original recipe calls for epsom salts. Yuck! Those are not only the most horrible tasting thing in the world, but they’re harsh on my body. So now I take capsules of Magnesium Citrate instead (600mg in lieu of each of her epsom salt doses) and still get amazing results (getting all those “stones” out).

Happy Liver Cleansing! I really hope you’ll make use of the anger release method too. It’s so important to address the root cause in order to liberate yourself permanently. You deserve it!