Auras and Chakras and Power-Trippers, oh my!

In this humorous, sassy and oh-so-honest memoir, Debbianne brings you along through a string of compelling self-improvement adventures, spiritual ideologies and introspective moments in hot pursuit of magic, miracles, healing, love and a deeper grasp of the metaphysical nature of reality. You’ll meet with colorful characters, universal truths, and occasional charlatans as she sorts out the wheat from the chaff, emerging clear-headed and empowered with inspiration to spare.

What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation” is available in paperback and all eBook formats. Find out why Hay House selected this “woo-woo” memoir as a non-fiction Insights finalist!



Here’s what the people are saying:

People, there is some funny-ass s*** in this book! (I will certainly never hear the word “Vipassanna” the same.) Yet it is ultimately both penetrating and good-natured. The author takes more excursions into the lands of “woo” than any sensible person might dare, but comes through it, like Odysseus, with a helluva tale and only moderate bloodshed. I mean, a dead Cyclops or two, and routing of the false suitors… but I say too much. Read it for yourself!

— D. R. Miller

Loved this. Debbianne DeRose has hit a spiritual nerve here…which seems also to connect to the funny bone. She sifts through many paradigms to clarify her own truth about the nature of our reality. Her information is both personal and public, and she wears the hats of neophyte, old soul, skeptic, and choir member with equal ease. She is a New Age traveler channeling Erma Bombeck.  —Bruce Barth

So funny and so relate-able! Really enjoyed reading this book. Great writing style and interesting story. —Shirl’s Books in Carmel, CA

This book is honestly one of the best I have ever picked up. I LOVE this woman’s energy, and her book has been such an entertaining, educational, humorous and uplifting experience! She is a true wordsmithstress with her colourful style. Although I expected the content to be very interesting, the main thing about the book – for me – is the humour. I have been reading it on my subway commute through Newcastle each day, and have found myself LAUGHING OUT LOUD (and close to wetting of pants) at almost every turn of phrase, and the situations she describes. Money well spent, and can’t wait to buy her next book. Whether you’re a scientist or a flakey-wakey, this book is exceptional!! —John, Amazon UK

Honest overview of a spiritual odyssey which encompasses a variety of techniques and teachers. Unputdownable. I’ve bought and raced through a number of this spiritual teacher’s works in less than 24 hours…and I don’t like reading too much these days, so you can imagine the value I have felt. Rare to get such honest feedback and guidance to build on one’s own spiritual search.—Devendra, Amazon India

If you’ve ever wondered about remote viewing, psychics, finding love thru fortune telling or anything in the mystical realm, chances are Debbianne has done it! Balanced with her wisdom and wild child, Debbianne takes the reader on an intimate, eye opening voyage thru her midlife crisis and spares no expense at the clever and funny details. I enjoyed every moment or this book, bravo! —Jetstorm, an Amazon reviewer in San Jose, CA

Her ability to honestly assess the variety of modalities and experiences she explored was especially refreshing. This is very important when discussing areas outside of the cultural mainstream, and Debbianne remains authentic throughout. Her writing style is wonderfully stylized, intelligent and entertaining. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the Mark Twain of the new age era – a truly gifted communicator.   —Rgnod, an Amazon reviewer

Debbianne’s quest to become a clairvoyant, to experience life-changing moments of spirituality, was fascinating to read.  —Helen Baggott, Read-Reviewed Blog, UK

Looking for reasons and explanations for life challenges and choices facing everyone at the foreboding midlife crisis? Tired of the innumerable ‘get-a-hold-of- yourself’ self-help seminars and eBooks, and encounters with the plethora of gurus of every plane of mundane and spiritual levels? Then by all means read this book!  —Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Debbianne’s writing is delicious beyond words!  —K. Skinner

This book was hilarious, yet thought-provoking! I went through my own midlife crisis of sorts, and I think I’d probably have taken the same path as Debbianne had I not been broke (LOL). What a great ride, thank you!  —Terri Kinckner

This book is vibrant, alive and real, written by someone who has experienced life in the new… a must read for spiritual like minded people.  —LL Book Review

I cannot help but compare it to “Eat Pray Love” in terms of writing attitude. Not that Debbianne’s work is derivative of Liz Gilbert’s. It’s simply a delightful offshoot of an irreverent genre that harkens all the way back to “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” from the mid-sixties mommy rebellion.   — Susan L.

I am interested in alternative options to view the world so I really enjoyed this book. She offers her experiences in a factual way, and her opinions leave open that there are many perspectives.    —Tina C.

I loved this book. I will never feel alone again in my wanting a connection to the divine. Debbianne’s down-to-earth, humourous insights released the spiritual tension often felt by those who go in search of the meaning of life. It was refreshing and a relief to hear someone express what they honestly thought. Our journeys are different, but I love the sameness in them as well. It helps me recognise our humanity.

— Jenni Joy, Step Lightly blog

P.S. I am so wanting to have that Agape experience now!

Plenty of humor… and plenty to ponder.  —Midwest Book Review

She weaves all of the take-aways into a lovely tapestry of self-empowerment and joy. She articulates this life philosophy beautifully in the last chapter. I especially loved that last chapter–words to live by, for sure!

—Kate Evans, Author of “Call It Wonder”

It’s always a treat to encounter an authentic voice…and it’s a plus when that voice is mordant, irreverent and yet still open and receptive to new ideas. Ms. DeRose’s emotional and intellectual honesty shine through. You never feel like you’re being patronized, just entertained and enlightened. —A.K. on Amazon US

There is so much energy in the writing and some great moments of insight and reflection.  I like that nothing seems a “pat” revelation or lesson, but that the moments of reflection feel part of the journey, and at times, necessarily provisional.  There is a strong sense of shift and change and deepening of wisdom about life and art and direction but no neat and tidy “answers.” One problem solved begets other questions and mysteries.  I love it!  It was a genuine pleasure to read and I’m hungry for more!

— Catherine Pelletier

I’m still thinking about the issues in this book, even now, and this is definitely one I will be reading again. I learned a lot about myself and the kind of work I want to do to improve some situations in my life and this book definitely gives me plenty of options for working on these things. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants an open-minded look at energy work/energy healing.     —Melissa’s Midnight Musings

Never preachy, DeRose gives voice to many of the same concerns other mid-lifers may be too afraid to admit…. Even in the most bizarre of scenes, the author’s self-deprecating voice ushers the reader in and keeps them comfortable.  Reader Views

It was so fun and accessible and at the same time compelling in that it really got me an inside sense of altered states and possibilities.  I can’t wait to go to the Monroe Institute now!

— Eve T., San Francisco

I must say that this is the funniest book ever! What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation is written like a friend emailing you about her journey to find herself. It is the book that you and your friends will be passing around and talking about all year-long!   —Rita Hernandez




Open up this book and you will embark with the author on a pilgrimage through some of the newest and not so new movements of the New Age/Metaphysical scene in America. DeRose, who started her journey in the midst of a seismic shift in her own personal life, chronicles her freewheeling adventures through a wide variety of modalities, from Aura viewing, to a Vipassana ten day silent meditation retreat, to a Spiritualist Church, to Theta Healing, studies in Matrix Energetics and at the Monroe Institute, and other stops along the way. DeRose finds out about herself in the midst of encountering sincere, not-so-sincere and outright dysfunctional groups on the way to greater self-knowledge. Most important is the quirky humor that dances through these accounts. With relentless honesty and brilliant wit, DeRose’s spiritual odyssey is a joy to read, especially for those who have spent decades on similar journeys. Highly recommended. —C. Cooke

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