Wouldn’t it be great if Manifesting Your Dreams was SIMPLE?


Manifesting IS Simple.

If you’re willing to let things be simple, the manifesting machine can do its job!

Manifesting for Dummies

This sassy light-hearted guide bypasses theory and intellectual detours, heading straight for the get-‘er-done jugular. It lays out for you a simple action plan for Manifesting Your Dreams, with lots of examples and practical “What to do if” tools.

This may be the most fun you’ll ever have reading a metaphysical book!

“Manifesting the Simple Way” is available in all eBook formats. The PDF version includes blank worksheets to print and write on with an old-fashioned pen or pencil.


“Great book, just follow it and win in life.” —Gabriella Kovac, Amazon Australia

“You come to the realization that this kind of simplicity is all that you really needed.” —Aleksandra Artlands, Amazon UK

“If you’ve felt overwhelmed by all the Law of Attraction and Manifesting books, videos, web sites, audio files, seminars, channelers and courses out there and would like a straightforward easy to follow, humorously written guide, then you have picked the right book! Debbianne’s humor is straight from the hip and pulls no punches when talking about our egos and how our minds get in the way when it comes to manifesting. Her easy to follow steps are clearly spelled out for everyone to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone!” —David Page, Amazon Canada

“It has simple explanations that make sense. The explanations are accompanied by excellent examples. It’s all tied together with specific tools you can use in specific situations to assist you in getting better results. You cannot go wrong here.” —Michael Walker, Amazon US

“Debbianne provides quality information made easy through her humorous tone. She is quite funny and I agree with her that self-help doesn’t have to be oh-so-serious to be effective. This book is a wonderful explanation of how to manifest things and how to clear negative thoughts that hold you back. She is my favorite author for law of attraction wisdom, and I recommend her other books very highly as well!” —Amy Curtis, Amazon US

“Fun, witty and it helped me make an easy manifesting plan. I’m off and running!” —Lisa M., Amazon US


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