Wanna Manifest Mo’ Betta?

When you drop the resistance, your manifestations will find you irresistible!

how to deal with resistance

*MoFo = a person who’s MOving FOrward

Resistance comes from outmoded FEAR and it’s time to transcend it. We are evolving more quickly, and lingering Resistance only slows us down and keeps us from manifesting our dreams. It must be stopped! 🙂
Uplifting and thought-provoking, “Resistance is Feudal” is packed with practical examples, everyday real stories, and angles-you-can-use in becoming Non-Resistant. You’ll understand exactly what Resistance is, how to identify it in your vibration, and how to clear it and prevent it so you can get busy Manifesting like a Mofo!


Resistance is Feudal

Modernize your Mind to Manifest like a Mofo!

is available in all ebook formats. The PDF version contains fun and useful non-resistant “reminder cards” for you to print out and use.



Here’s what the people are saying:

“This book is a compelling ride into practical spirituality—how to make things happen in your world with ease. Or at the very least, easier than you’ve been doing it.” —Evan Griffith, “The World is Freaky Beautiful” blog

Debbianne has a rare gift for making the metaphysical accessible and “real”. It is lively and readable, thought-provoking and humorous. The book contains a wealth of advice on how to navigate some of the obstacles you might come across along the way. Whether you’ve read books on the law of attraction or not, this is a great tool to help you grow from within, wherever you are in your journey.”—Johners, Amazon UK

There are a lot of books out there that discuss the idea that how we think creates our reality. Are our thoughts serving us? Are they making our life flourish, or are they holding us back? This book takes it a step further, though. It walks us through examples of how we can release resistant, negative, combative thoughts—and move into thinking (and action) that make for a happier, more loving, more satisfying life.” Kate Evans, author of “Call it Wonder”

Whatever path you are on at the moment… this book may prove to be your great life’s guide without hurting anyone in the process.” —A. H. Artlands, Barnes & Noble

“Hilariously funny and sassy – and never read a page without feeling immediately uplifted – and that for me is as about as good as it gets!! Enjoy!” —Spring Spring, Amazon UK


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