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Yes, you really can MANifest Love using the Law of Attraction, and these books show you exactly how it’s done—with fun language and relatable practical examples.

We all experience doubt. But doubt need not be fatal. There are ways of negotiating with your own mind and enlisting its cooperation. The good news is that the Man of Your Dreams is definitely out there. The even-better news is that you don’t even need to believe that he exists in order to MANifest Him into your life!


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What the other MANifestor Sisters are saying:

What a brilliant read! I love her humour and the way she makes it sound so straightforward – it made me realise that I’ve been over-complicating things when trying to manifest.

J. Hill, Amazon UK

Like a good cosmic tour-guide, DeRose explains “woo woo” concepts of manifestation (which work for anything, not just finding love) in very down-to-earth terms that stuck with me long after reading the book. If you are looking for love and feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, I can’t recommend this book enough!

—D. West


Ms. DeRose offers helpful tips and steps you can take to be more comfortable with yourself so that you can attract that perfect-for-you mate for whom you’ve been eagerly waiting, and she does it all in a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact manner filled with humor and insight. Reading her book is just like talking with your best gal pals, and the icing on the cake is that she shares her own story of finally finding love. So what are you waiting for (besides Mr. Right)? Kick back, have fun, read her book, and start MANifesting that Man of Your Dreams.

Hope Chest Reviews

This book is funny and practical—since I read it I find that I am a bit more relaxed about the whole “project” of finding a mate. I like the idea that once you do some defining, the universe is there to help. I’ve been enjoying sitting back and letting someone else do the work!

—Amy S.

This was such a fun read! But this book is more than merely that… though there’s a fair amount of “woo” talked about, the way she portrays the ideas were very much grounded in the material world, and far from esoteric. It makes someone like me keep from discounting the ideas, or perhaps more importantly, her delivery style seemed to give me PERMISSION to believe and to finally drop my gen-x bred cynicism without fear of what happens if I give up control; that it’s okay and SAFE to be a girl and want love.

   —Faith H.

I love it! Great style of writing that I can really relate to.

—Lauri C.

The workbook that works for you! An adorable story, along with a fantastic morale-boosting workbook that really is meant to improve you as a person, if you let it!

—Darcee Kraus

The Belief spin cycle diagram was very true for me, and something that I was not aware I was doing. It helped me break through some glass walls I kept hitting and didn’t understand how to get around. Not only is the book really fun to read, I love all the puns, and sometimes I straight laughed out loud. I am so grateful my mom gave me this book as a gift, I tell all my friends about it!

—Jessica S. in Novato, CA

Good advice and most of it can be applied to other areas of your life (like career and goals). I’ve read other books she’s written and recommend those as well. Does a great job relating to readers as an “I’ve been in your shoes” kind of person.


I have been looking for a book like this for a long time. The whole process is simple and works when you’re clear and in a relaxed state of allowing your heart’s desire into your belief system, and Debbianne helps you find that clarity as well as that ever-so-magnificent point of allowing, so that you can just sit back and enjoy the Universe deliver your exact, specific order to you. She explains the difference between manifestations that come from your true-self, and those based on the ego and its actions, when you just want someone in order to make you feel better about yourself. This ensures you that when “you get to choose who gets backstage passes to your psyche” (one of my favourite sentences in this book) you will attract a man who already feels good about himself and doesn’t need you to improve his image.

—Aleksandra H. Artlands

Funny and poignant; to the point. Debbianne shows how she manifested her man by being who she really is.

—Eve T.

I read Debbianne’s memoir first and enjoyed it so much I decided to read this one too. I’ve already found the man of my dreams, but I still enjoyed reading this book because: it’s hilarious and there are a lot of good ideas for how to make your life what you want it to be, even if that doesn’t involve finding love.

–Kate Evans

An easy and entertaining read… great story-telling and a refreshing transparency.


Build your Man from parts—vibrationally, that is!

This ain’t your grandma’s vision board.




This book will change everything you have been doing up until now on your quest to find happiness…not just on the dating field but in every aspect of the ‘self’. It is brilliant. The descriptions of how to progress on your new journey are full of humour and make so much sense you won’t even have to work hard to make things happen. The author is brilliant at explaining the way to change your thoughts and see situations differently. This is a book that you will not be able to put down, you will be bursting with enthusiasm every page you turn and the wonderful author is one step ahead of you and is answering your questions with every sentence you read. This book will make things better for you than you ever imagined. Buy it and see what happens…!! The best law of attraction book I have ever, ever read.

  —Miss F.

I recommend this to all my friends who want to attract a significant other. There are many gems throughout this book. This book makes sense to me. It doesn’t judge or preach but just goes on to tell how you can make your dreams come true. You just need to focus, feel good and stop holding contradictory thoughts. Monitor your thoughts and get rid of the junk in your head and you heart will feel lighter too. She explains everything so clearly. 

 —Addicted to Books, via Goodreads


How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting® Yours is available in paperback or eBook formats.




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