Got Grudges or Grievances?

Are there rascals in your life who really irk you?

Wrongdoings that you can’t quite let go of?

If you are a conscious creator and student of the Law of Attraction, but you still have some areas where you feel a bit victimized by life and by other people, then Beyond Forgiveness is for you. If you’ve been trying to manifest things and feeling thwarted, releasing unforgiving energies is the game-changer you’re seeking.

The missing link between law of attraction and forgiveness (manifesting)

Beyond Forgiveness… lies the Missing Link to Manifesting Your Dreams

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The PDF version contains blank Worthsheets for you to print out and write on with an old-fashioned pen or pencil.



The FACTs:

* Going Beyond Forgiveness does not involve lending your stamp of approval to unkind human behavior. 

* Going Beyond Forgiveness will not require you to do anything you’re uncomfortable doing.

* Going Beyond Forgiveness is purely an inside job and requires the participation of no one but YOU.

* Harboring unforgiveness constitutes a big ol’ black cloud in your aura, and a “KEEP OUT!” sign when the Universe tries to deliver your manifestations! It behooves you to “clean house” by releasing unforgiving energies from your sphere of consciousness.

* Self-Love is of utmost importance, so most of the work is focused on forgiving yourself (this will make a lot more sense when you read the book, promise!).

* Forgiving is… FOR GIVING. When you’re unforgiving, you’re holding back what you have to give the world and not being your True Self. Releasing unforgiveness is something you do for the sake of your own happiness and self-actualization.

* Everything can change in an instant when you shift to an expanded perspective. Change doesn’t necessarily take a long time. It’s all about timing, not time.

* Beyond Forgiveness has helpful Worthsheets for you to use, so it’s not just a collection of nice ideas. It’s a life-changing program you’re about to dive in

* Self-improvement work doesn’t have to be so dang serious! (Warning: this book contains humor.)



Enjoy Your Gift: