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Normally, we assume there are but a few modes of consciousness: waking reality, dream life, the “afterlife” (whatever that is), the “subconscious” (if we’re being hypnotized), and perhaps unconsciousness if we’re out cold for one reason or another.

But there is more—so much more—to explore!

The unique and wonderful Monroe Institute was founded by the late Robert A. Monroe, the unofficial grandpappy of out-of-body experience teachings. There in the bodacious Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, he carried out extensive research in the field of consciousness exploration using special audio technologies.

hemi-sync sound frequenciesHemi-sync—which stands for the Hemispheric Synchronization of the brain—is Monroe’s term for patented mixtures of binaural beat frequencies that, when listened to in a controlled environment, assist you in “traveling” to some mind-boggling “destinations.” You may encounter disembodied souls, helpful spirit guides, healing helpers, and all manner of experiential and energetic weirdnesses. Are these “places” other dimensions? Other planes of reality? You’ll have to decide for yourself. One thing’s for sure: clearly we are so much more than our physical bodies.

Adventures in Consciousness

is a mini-memoir of Debbianne’s personal experiences attending two popular Monroe Institute programs (the Gateway Voyage and the New Year’s Eve program). While each person’s Monroe adventures are different and custom-made for him or her, you can get a definite feel of what it’s like to be there. And you might just crack a smile every few pages, because Debbianne’s writing is infused with levity and humor.

[FUN FACTOIDs: the Monroe Institute is where Debbianne met the Man of Her Dreams a year later, so this mini-memoir is the prequel to “How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting® Yours.” Also: Debbianne has no business affiliation with the Institute—she writes about it simply because it is completely awesome.]

Past-life jaunts. Visits with “dead” loved ones. Astral-body travel. Energy body expansion and healing. Spirit guidance and messages.

Just think, what might YOU experience?

Astral Tourism at its Finest


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“This book sent me to another realm of existence and helped me understand more about other realms and how it impacts our existence in this physical reality! Such an amazing read!! Highly recommend it!!” —Rodrigo, Amazon US

“The author takes you into the world of what it is like to be in a camp for those that study the metaphysical world. The book is well written and the author describes the situation so well that you believe that you are there.” —Kenneth Griffin, Jr, Amazon US

“I really enjoyed it! It was so fun and accessible and at the same time compelling in that it really got me an inside sense of altered states and possibilities. I really want to go to the Monroe Institute now. Reading about her experiences makes it hard for me to have to wait! I liked her writing style—and she’s funny to boot. A sense of humor is paramount, as they say.” —Eve, Amazon US

“Wish you had a funny, truthful, astute friend who would go there first and try it out? It turns out you do! In this Tasty little tidbit Debbianne DeRose gives you a real (and really funny) view into what it is like to attend a Monroe Institute course.” —Alchemist, Amazon US

“I loved her comment that “Just because people are imperfect and still struggle with personal matters, it need not negate the validity of their teachings or their ability to help others.” That is really quite profound. We, or at least I, so often discount what I have to offer because of my many imperfections. Reading this book left me feeling inspired and valuing myself in a new way.” —Susan Collet, Amazon US

“You will find out about the hidden treasures of human mind and spirit—the intricacies of ”the inner alchemical process” brought to you by Debbianne’s (generously shared) excitement about her personal journey, from healing, channeling and remote viewing, to finding answers to the ever burning questions like ‘Who Am I?’, ‘What is my purpose in this lifetime?”, ‘Where and what was I before coming into this body/lifetime?”’ —A.H., Amazon UK

“Amazing!” —D. Huston, Amazon US

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