ripley-believeYes, life is meaningless. . .

not in some doom-and-gloom fatalistic way, but in the exciting way that plain vanilla ice cream awaits your choice of sprinkles and candy and all manner of edible adornment. Life comes to us as a blank slate, and we assign meaning as we go, collecting beliefs like Girl Scout badges on our sash of consciousness.

Belief is everything. In actuality, “believing is seeing,” contrary to popular… ahem, belief. Our belief systems determine what portion and what version of reality we personally experience. What shows up (or doesn’t) in your life is determined by what you believe. There is no such thing as a singular objective reality, as most people assume—which is why humans constantly argue and fight. We’d have a lot more fun here in the Earth Game if everyone would just mind their own reality!

I know, it’s confusing because your personal reality overlaps and interacts with other people’s realities on the Earth Gameboard. But that’s just part of the fun—the mystery of metaphysics and the part where we can’t quite fully grasp it all from our human perspective. If the intellectual understanding (or lack thereof) is vexing you, here’s my advice: let it go. Focus on studying your own belief systems and liberating the ones that no longer serve you. It’ll make you happier, and when you get happy enough—and start receiving the manifestations you want—you won’t be so hell-bent on conquering theories. In other words, dive into some experiential learning and put the theorizing on the back burner.

If there’s something you’d like to manifest but it hasn’t shown up yet, look to your Beliefs. They are essentially filters, narrowing what you allow yourself to perceive, and it’s probably time to upgrade your filtration system. I’d like to take it further and say “eliminate limiting beliefs altogether” but working with filters is just part of our standard-issue Earth Game consciousness-apparatus. So that type of “zero-filtration” goal becomes like the City of San Francisco’s “zero waste” garbage goal—a helpful driving force, even if it’s a target you never technically reach. At any rate, you might benefit from a systematic, structured approach to exposing your beliefs, so do check out The Belief Elevator I’ve created for you to get happy (for reals) and get the goods once and for all!

funtruth6At the core, many of us have accepted beliefs that say we’re “not good enough.” Hogwash! Your conscious mind and I (and the Universe) know that’s simply not true. However, the young child version of you thought it was true… due to a misunderstanding. If your parents were busy or stressed out and Little You couldn’t seem to extract enough love or attention from them, you may have concluded that you’re not important or not worthy of love. Of course that’s a big ol’ lie. (After all, you can’t spell beLIEf without it.)

Nevertheless, if you haven’t ever consciously looked that LIE in the eye, it’s likely still running your circuitry behind the scenes. If the programming dictates “I’m not worthy” then the goodies you want to manifest are going to be kept away from you… until you change the program to “I am worthy.” Simple, right? Belief work is not necessarily complex or difficult—that’s just another belief system. Capiche?

Your awareness and willingness to bring your beliefs out into the light (where you can bid them adieu) is all it takes to chart a new course. Beliefs are not some mysterious things that control you from an unreachable corner of your deep, dark “subconscious mind.” They’re simply stuff you haven’t paid much attention to. Once you decide to be brave, take a look, and clean house…well, the world is your friggin’ oyster!

Reality is personal. You assigned the meaning, and you can change it. You’re totally in charge.

In addition to The Belief Elevator, I’ve found the Lefkoe Method particularly helpful for transcending limiting beliefs acquired during childhood. It involves briefly revisiting childhood scenarios (even if you don’t really remember them), identifying alternative explanations for what transpired, and in the process, realizing that the limiting belief you accepted was one of many options—not some hard, cold, inevitable truth. “I’m not good enough” and other related rubbish is far from The Truth about you! (Hint: any idea that makes you feel bad is NOT true for you.) The Lefkoes have compiled a long list of core beliefs that most humans take on, so it makes it very easy for you to Recreate Your Life. You don’t have to figure out what your beliefs are—you can simply go through their list methodically, and when you strike gold, believe me, you’re gonna know it! Check out their system.

By learning how limiting beliefs are formed in childhood, you can’t help but notice that we continue to form them as adults, too. The next time you catch yourself using phrases like “it’s always ______when I go there…” or “they never ______” realize that you are engaged in black-and-white thinking. Your declarations dictate your life experience. The meanings you assign to your observations today become the filters on your reality tomorrow. After all, a belief is really just a thought you chose to think over and over again until it crystalized and appears to be “fact.” But life is not happening “to” you—you are creating it with your consciousness. (Whoa! Is that too much responsibility? I’m sorry to break it to ya, but it’s really true. You signed up for this challenging Earth Game dealio.)

By acknowledging that you consciously chose to accept the belief, and by understanding WHY you did so—how it served you—you are in a position of total empowerment to choose differently.

The good news is that we have many effective tools at our disposal. Two more tools I recommend are the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Theta Healing. They’re very effective at transcending and releasing old worn-out beliefs—assuming, of course, that the tools are wielded in an optimized manner. EFT is known as a do-it-yourself tool and it truly is a gift to humanity. However, if you use it and don’t get noticeable results, understand that there is more to the technique than can be learned in a 5 minute video. So don’t pooh-pooh the tool! Learn more about it instead. EFT has been dubbed “the premiere healing tool of the 21st century” and I must concur, it’s good for what ails ya.

Now if you’re feeling brave (and preferably self-amused) and would like to try your hand at a deductive method, here’s yet another suggestion: identify an unwanted pattern of behavior or string of “circumstances” in your life. Ask this question: “What would I need to believe is true, in order for this behavior to somehow serve me?” Don’t force an answer; allow it to come. If it doesn’t come right away, drop the subject and do something else. The answer will arrive, one way or another. Be curious, rather than fearful or controlling.

When you receive the answer, it will generate an “aha!” feeling. And you will then be able to liberate the belief. By acknowledging that you consciously chose to accept the belief, and by understanding WHY you did so—how it served you—you are in a position of total empowerment to choose differently.
Human Spin CycleFor example, let’s say you want to be in a relationship, but you’ve been single for years.  You ask (to your Higher Self or the Universe or your faerie-pixie pals or no one in particular): “What would I have to believe is true—about myself and about relationships—in order for staying single to be serving me?” The answer eventually hits you: “I believe relationships are painful.” And you feel it to be true—you know this is a belief you hold. Well, there you go! Your software is programmed with the code “relationship=pain” and since we are all—all of us, all of the time—choosing pleasure over pain, your coding requires you to stay single. You believe that singledom is less painful than being hooked up.

Is it “true” that relationships are painful? It’s only true for those who hold that belief. It’s only true for you as long as you continue to believe it. But surely you can find examples of people who do not hold that belief and therefore who do not experience relationships as painful. It makes no difference whether large numbers of people hold the same belief as you do. That doesn’t make it “The Truth”—it simply indicates that this particular limiting belief is popular. Yes, you’re in the company of millions, but there’s no need for you to remain among the limitation-accepting crowd. Dare to break away from the herd!
dictatorReality is personal. You assigned the meaning, and you can change it. You’re totally in charge.

Let’s take another example. Say you desire more money but you’ve always been broke. How does this behavior (of staying broke) actually serve you? You discover that you accepted a whole collection of limiting beliefs about money, including “people who have money are bad.” There you go! Your software is programmed with the code “If I have money, I’m a bad person” and who wants to be a “bad” person? Certainly not you. So staying broke serves you by ensuring that you’ll be classified as a “good” person. But you don’t have to perpetuate that program. You can update the software any time you choose! It begins with a willingness to examine the fine printed code and admit that it’s actually your own creation.

This stuff isn’t rocket surgery. But it can seem daunting because we have so many layers of interrelated belief systems. Well, here’s the thing. If you adopt a sporting attitude about it all, and make it your business to shed limiting beliefs like a snake sheds its skin, you’ll have a much better time of it. I assure you that you can do this—you’re an infinite spirit-being, after all!

And if you want to have more fun in the Earth Game in general, I suggest you get in touch with your inner class-clown. Because, believe it or not, you can simply to decide to be amused by it all.