Debbianne DeRose is on a mission. . .

to infuse the New Age world of metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth with a hefty dose of levity! Self-improvement can be very serious business. 

“Seriousness is a disease of the ego.”
—Stuart Wilde

Our egos implore us to be serious. . . yet our Higher Selves long to frolic! Whose team do you want to be on? Besides, seriousness is what allows creepy cults to thrive and take advantage of spiritual seekers. Blech.

“Light-hearted” doesn’t have to mean frivolous or flippant. It’s constructed of equal parts “light” and “heart,” so how could that be a “bad” thing? Only the ego thinks so.

Life isn’t all fun and games, that’s for sure. Or is it? This elaborate Earth Game we’re playing is a highly challenging consciousness experiment. And that is precisely why we agreed to come here! From our non-physical perches, we knew nothing could ever really hurt our infinite-spirit selves, so we eagerly embraced physical life—in order to expand and grow. It sounds crazy but many astral explorers report having encountered long lines of souls beaming, waiting to “get into” human bodies. Whoa, dude.

If you’re thinking, “Why in tarnation would I deliberately choose this?” you are certainly not alone in your wondering. Let’s just say that it was not unlike the night you decided to polish off the bottle of Jägermeister: it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Yes, life is fraught with challenges. But, honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way! The thing is, we can always adopt a different or larger perspective—no matter what situation we’re faced with—and as a result, we feel more like our Higher Selves, or  True Selves. The ego’s not a bad guy; it’s just a wild animal in need of taming.

When you get back in cahoots with that good-feeling, infinite, expanded version of yourself, you’re operating from a Higher Octave of Feel-Good. It’s a state in which you feel naturally powerful, loving, accepting, peaceful, joyful, optimistic, and without-a-doubt worthy of all the good stuff that life has to offer. And if you can make the stretch to feeling amused about life’s foibles, that’s even better. Amusement is a most exalted vibration! Just get a load of the laughing buddha.

Through her well-written, critically acclaimed, uplifting books, blog, programs and Mentoring services, Debbianne helps conscious creators around the globe to access that Higher Octave of Feel-Good. She offers “aha!” insights and get-‘er-done tools that come pre-saturated with love, wisdom, and a bit of delightful humor. And she does it all with Jersey-girl moxie.

Can you dig it?

(We knew that you could.)

Debbianne resides happily in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with that hunky Man of Her Dreams. After six years of cohabitation, these two characters are about to get formally hitched.


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Still curious, eh?

Maybe you’re wondering how I came to be a teacher, author, speaker, mentor and inspirational cheerleader. Fair enough. Since you’re still here reading (gah bless your heart!) I’ll fill you in on the long sordid tale of my life. Well, at least the first five decades, ‘cuz that’s all I’ve got so far.

I grew up during the groovy 1970s in a typical dysfunctional American family, in the famously mystical land of New Jersey. It was a magical era, alright. What with all the campy TV shows depicting paranormal characters and events. That stuff really made its mark on me. I often indulged in copious re-run watching—that is, when I wasn’t holed up in my room making latch-hook rugs or beaded jewelry.

I was an avid reader from a young age and excelled at writing in any form. Around age 9 or 10, I had an existential crisis of sorts! I remember devouring books on E.S.P. (extra-sensory perception), clairvoyance, psychics, dreams, death, astrology, spells and all things “woo-woo” and doing some very weird book reports in school, which the teachers politely approved. The Ouija Board, the Magic 8-Ball and my mood ring were among my most favorite toys. What a weird little metaphysical nerdlet I was!

[*What exactly is “woo-woo”, you ask? It’s an affectionate term for all that is intangible, paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual, or that generally evades the clasp of the reasoning mind and its five-sense minions. Haters and cynics often employ the word in a derogatory, dismissive fashion, so I co-opted it for fun and joyful purposes.]

[FUN FACT for word geeks! My blog and most of my social media profiles are named PitchingTheWoo, which is a triple entendre. It could be:  1) pitching as in promoting;  2) pitching as in tossing out the crapola; or 3) pitching the woo as in wooing or romantic courting, circa 1942.]

Little did I know, these strange paranormal predilections were the foundational beginnings for what has become a lifelong passion and a case of right livelihood. But then again, this isn’t my first time around the Earth block, so perhaps they merely served as a refresher course upon reincarnating.

I discovered that being weird is a marked asset. When it comes to manifesting stuff we want, we must break away from the herd of “groupthink” in society and release commonly held limiting beliefs. Dare to be different!

self love and acceptance

Though dysfunctional (and really, whose family isn’t?), my parents influenced me in ways that were so beneficial that I would not change a single thing. It took me a minute (okay, more than a few years) to realize this, but now I use that clarity to help other people see their gifts sooner. I do believe that we choose our families before incarnating.

I wrote about some of these epiphanies—and many of my “woo-woo” adventures like energy healing and spoon-bending—in my first book, What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation. I share a lot of personal stuff because I like to validate other people who are having similar experiences. (You’re not alone! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you! You’re awesome!)

But I’m getting way ahead of things. There’s a bit more to tell before the midlife crisis came to town.

Vocationally, I followed a weirdly winding path—guided entirely by intuitive promptings. Inner guidance doesn’t always make sense to the reasoning mind, which is why most people unfortunately forsake it. For me, the curious curve balls and “unreasonable” unfoldment of magical manifestation is the stuff that makes life worth living.

My first formal career was in engineering. I think of myself as a recovering enginerd because as you know, you can take the girl out the nerd rodeo, but you can’t take the nerd out of the girl. So be it. I like my analytical mind. I use it to sift through the the world of “woo-woo” and sort out the shiny gems from the. . . ummm, not-so-shiny doo-doo.

When I wrote my second book, How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting® Yours, I was inspired to reverse-engineer the manifestation process for the single sisterhood. (Yes, that Man and I are still a thing. We’re officially getting hitched soon, after six years of coupledom.)

With hindsight, it’s obvious that all my experience pointed to where I am now. Every job I ever held involved me teaching people stuff and writing manuals and creating graphics. I’ve always been the person who other people naturally ask, because I go in and research it and figure it all out, then relay it to them. Born to teach, perhaps.

Following my tenure in corporate America, I nabbed a Masters degree of Science in  Economics. Oh yes. Weird but true. This, too, has also served me in unexpected ways, because Economics is really just a study of human behavior. The more deeply and diversely I understand people, the more I can be of service.

After grad school, there was another plot twist. I become a full-time do-gooder. As a college instructor, I attempted to pry open young minds with an academic crowbar. As a non-profiteer in various environmental, social and political organizations, I worked feverishly to “change the world,” wearing more hats than Imelda Marcos had shoes.

Meanwhile I got into house-flipping as a festive art form, and enjoyed sangin’-and-a’twangin’ and wearing frilly dresses in a classic country band. I was living the artistic dream in Portland, Oregon, a city that takes perverse pride in its unofficial slogan: “Keep Portland Weird!”

AND THEN the midlife crisis swaggered in.

My lust for the “woo-woo” had been smoldering underground for nearly a decade when it started making noise. It started to erupt. I had a contented life up until this point, with all the elements of creativity, social life and prosperity, but somehow I was very discontented. Some inexplicable force within was uprooting me against all good advices, sending me touring the planet in search of answers to big bold questions like these:

Q. What the hell am I doing here?

Q. What is the point of all this human madness?

Q. Why do single socks get abducted from the dryer?

I gave in to the malcontent by selling my house and vagabonding around the world. Attending boatloads of seminars, courses, and workshops, I devoured metaphysical and spiritual teachings and books like nobody’s business. Sometimes the boatload was literal, as some of those seminars took place on cruise ships.

I was driven, hungry for answers, and hell-bent on developing full-blown clairvoyance. I think the motivation came from observing big gaps, at times, between what people *said* and the vibe I actually perceived. I wanted to literally see energy that was incapable of trickery. The clairvoyant quest led to energy healing trainings of all sorts, which I practiced as taught for a while. Eventually, I simply incorporated everything I learned into my own style of helping and healing. (There’s a partial list below of my “woo-woo credentials” in case you’re curious.)

My Midlife Crisis was a victimless crime, since I had no kids or spouse at the time, but it did feel tumultuous as all get-out. I’ve come to understand that it is our resistance to change that causes the angst. If we can relax and trust that our inner guidance really does have a plan, then we enjoy the ride and the magic it brings.

Anyway, those years completely transformed me. I experienced some amazing supernatural things and spontaneous energetic “tunings.” My mind and my consciousness expanded into brand new turf. One by one, my big metaphysical questions received answers. Eventually, it all made sense why I had to be uprooted, because my old life could not have supported the new me. And like I said, the transformation became a joyous thing once I learned the Art of Allowing.

All of this was happening way back before the big cosmic shift of 2012 (did you miss it? 😉

New Living Expo 2013
This sticker is SO 2013.

Since then, I’ve been writing prolifically and creating other teaching vehicles to share all these insights and downloads I get. I mean, why should other people struggle to reinvent the wheel when I can dish out a useful blueprint?

At any given moment, I have an insanely large number of creative irons in the fire. But I suppose profuse creativity ain’t such a bad problem to have (first world, I know). At some point, I will release a full-length Feature Film about beliefs and thought-forms, with fun animation and a snappy script!

Stay tuned for more books coming soon to inspire the heck out of you. While you’re here, grab some empowering freebies—they’re scattered around the website like a cosmic Easter Egg hunt. 🙂

With Love & Levity,



Uplifting, thought-provoking books

Manifesting for Dummies

Role of Resistance in Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

Forgiveness and manifesting

Manifesting Love. Meet my soulmate.


Debbianne’s “Woo-Woo” Studies, Credentials and Major Influences include:

  • Reiki certification (Levels 1 and 2)
  • The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii (Clairvoyant Meditation 101, 102)
  • Controlled Remote Viewing (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Abraham-Hicks traveling circus
  • Matrix Energetics (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Life Energy Healing School in Vermont
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T. or tapping)
  • Reconnective Healing (Levels 1 and 2)
  • The Monroe Institute (Gateway, Guidelines, Heartline, MCsquared programs)
  • Theta Healing (Levels 1 and 2)
  • Western Astrology (Joan Negus classes and 30+ years of personal study)
  • Feng Shui (Black Hat)
  • Orin and DaBen, channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
  • Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka
  • Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Louise Hay
  • Shakti Gawain
  • Infinite Self (Stuart Wilde’s early work)
  • Kurt LeLand’s “Multi-Dimensional Human” and Theosophy in general
  • Spiritualism
  • Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts
  • Florence Scovel Shinn, Elizabeth Towne, Catherine Ponder and the other Metaphysical Divas of Yesteryear



Fun Facts about Debbianne!

Woo-Woo Factoids

  • Astrology: PiscAquarian Sun, Taurean Moon, Cancer Ascendant
  • Numerology: life path 33

Favorite Foods

  • chocolate
  • bacon
  • avocado
  • asparagus
  • delicata squash
  • mango
  • basil pesto
  • peanut butter
  • kohlrabi
  • lamb
  • okra

Favorite Chick Singers:

  • Kay Starr
  • Peggy Lee
  • Doris Day
  • Etta James
  • Kate Pierson
  • Gladys Knight
  • Sharon Jones
  • Nellie Furtado
  • Debra Harry
  • Chrissie Hynde
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Patsy Cline
  • PJ Harvey

Favorite Films

  • Airplane!
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Band’s Visit
  • Astral City
  • Kitchen Stories
  • This is Spinal Tap



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