One of the most pervasive misconceptions about this whole “woo-woo” approach to manifesting with the Law of Attraction

is that you merely have to think about or visualize the stuff you want. . .  and that’s it. Then your manifestation just magically drops in your lap while you sit stationed on your plush La-Z-Girl recliner, watching soap operas and eating bonbons, right?

No, of course not.

Well, it could possibly happen that way for some people, some of the time. But even though it’s possible (because everything is), it may or may not be probable for you personally.

But there’s no need to march over to the polar opposite camp and join the majority of humans in their drudgery chorus:

You have to work hard and struggle for a long time to make things happen.

That ol’ song-and-dance is built on the Limiting Beliefs of Yore. Snore!

But there is a middle ground, grasshoppah.

Some action required

Yes, you will be taking action in order for your manifestations to fully physicalize in your life. No, you don’t have to figure out what all the actions are going to be. (As a human, you’re not even capable of doing that, no matter how smart you are!)

And nope, you don’t have to take LOTS and LOTS of back-breaking actions for unbearably long periods of time…unless, of course, YOU insist that you do. (Friendly reminder: your beliefs are re-negotiable!)

The action required of you is actually pretty stress-free if you follow the Simpleton system. When you stay in your Target Feelingsyou then receive inspirations, ideas, signals, hunches, directions about where to go, what to do next, who to call, what to say, where to look, etc. You will thoroughly enjoy the actions you take (imagine that!?)

Inspired actions barely resemble the laborious effort most people are accustomed to.

For example, someone will contact you and offer you an opportunity that’s totally awesome. Then your action is to say “yes” and show up for it. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to initiate something yourself.

The key to simple slacker manifesting is learning to discern between truly inspired action and forced, calculated action. The word “inspire” means to infuse with spirit. The other kind of action—calculating, meddling, conventionally logical—is usually infused with Fear.

So please, stop trying to figure it all out with your human mind! Just do whatever you can—no more, no less—make it enjoyable, relax, stay happy… and let the Universe handle the rest.

Stick to the inspired variety of action! This video explains how to follow your bliss, the practical way:

Manifesting for Simpletons: a 30-day Outrageously Simple Guide to Gettin’ the Goods gives you a simple effective system for manifesting with inspired action!

Manifesting for Dummies

Manifesting your desires is simple—if you’re willing to be a Simpleton!

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