Personal Mentoring with Debbianne

Clarity. Relief.


Positive Change.





Truth-bombs. Love.

Shifting. Expansion.

Soul growth.


How I assist you:

* Getting out of confusion and into clarity. Reclaiming your power—with regard to any situation.

* Manifesting something (or a special someone) into your life.

* Identifying and transcending limiting beliefs and old patterns that keep you stuck.

* Transforming difficult relationships you have with other people. Bringing you to higher ground where you honestly feel good and know exactly what to do.

* Becoming more of your Ideal Self! Developing greater self-love. Accelerating and understanding your spiritual growth.


How I work with you:

I work intuitively, receiving “downloads” from my higher self, providing you with a new and expanded perspective that is focused on Love and Empowerment. Energy does shift during our session together, and we both feel it. Words are spoken and questions are posed that open the mind to that new expanded perspective. “Light-bulb” moments occur. Release of unhelpful patterns and beliefs begins. Simple-but-powerful “homework assignments” are given, customized for you and your particular situation. No cookie-cutter methods here!

One session delivers a lot of value, but you might opt for another session or two later to reinforce your understanding and your new vibrational state. And sometimes, with lifelong patterns, we need a few sequential sessions in order to unravel and shift. Book them as you are ready—there is no pressure to buy a “package” (nor is there pressure of any other kind here). Your personal results will speak loudly to the value.


How I’ve helped others:

“I never thought of a lot of things the way that you put it. Now I’m really looking at things in a different way. . .  it’s huge. I’m so happy I came across your Dream Job manifesting blog!” —A. Katz, Israel

“I was so grateful for your input. Thinking about the truth of what you said. . .  it was a breath of fresh air.” —Madeleine K. in Los Angeles, CA

“Debbianne’s knowledge and intuitive understanding lasered in on exactly what my main obstacle was. In 5 minutes she was able to explain the mechanism I’d been using all my life to self-sabotage. Her help literally shook my world! With her help I am becoming the version of myself I always knew I could be. Thank you with all my heart.” —Chris T. in Boston, MA


“I really enjoyed the session and feel quite relieved to step back from the constant chatter in my head over this dilemma! Certainly I came away feeling calmer & stronger so thank you.”—C. V. in London, UK

“I found your answers to be enormously helpful and chock full of useful information I needed to be reminded of. I love the way you think!”  —Susie in Clear Lake, CA

“Wow. . .  that was deep.”—Pamela in Alameda, CA

“I’ve been implementing your suggestions and have seen some good results already. My second book was released last week and it’s gotten much better reviews and ratings than the last one. It really helped to think about it in terms of ‘my book is helping others and bringing happiness to others’ rather than ‘I want to be on the New York Times list.’ Thanks for your mentoring and I will continue to apply your teachings and see what happens.—Layla K.


“I definitely feel like some serious energy work just happened. I’m really excited about it!”  —Laurie in Santa Cruz, CA

“You were able to quickly intuit what some of my pitfalls were and graciously navigate around them.”  —Madison in San Francisco, CA


“I really enjoyed our session and you gave me some great ideas—some I knew but stopped applying or didn’t take to the next step.”—Gail in Berkeley, CA

“Debbianne’s infectious sense of humor and hope provides the foundation for creating a belief of the greatest kind—a belief in self. She reminds us to never take life too seriously, but to respect and honor the lessons that allow us to become the spiritually rich beings that we are.”—Michelle in Burlington, VT

“If you have a chance to connect with Debbianne, jump on it! She is inspiring, insightful, and funny.”—D. Jackson in Santa Rosa, CA



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