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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m back in the writing mode again, so I haven’t been doing much in the way of worldly events. Once I get these new books out, I’ll be back on the circuit, so to speak. Make sure you’re on my mailing list to stay in the loop. Exciting stuff coming up later in 2017!

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Host Deb Acker interviews Debbianne on Truth Talk Radio:

Balance your Yin and Yang energies to become more of your True Self

Click here to listen in.


Ladies, get confident! Your ability to MANifest (and Manifest in general) hinges on your self-worth and havingness for the good stuff. Confidence makes it all possible.


Creatives & Entrepreneurs, get the respect (and moulah) you deserve! This value-packed event brings you uplifting practical advice to get your career rolling.

Bex1200x628 Radiate & Attract Love NOW! Debbianne is a featured speaker in this inspiring free online event designed to turn you into a Love Magnet extraordinaire.

Claim your 15 minutes of (woo-woo) fame!

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Spiritual Bad-Ass TV wants to interview YOU! Do you have a true story and/or insights from your real-life experience that you’d like to share in order to inspire others? Click here to check out the topics du jour and request an interview.

downstream podcast logoInspiring. Calming. Clarifying. Empowering.

Listen to this 50-minute interview with Debbianne by John Stinson on the Downstream podcast! We cover a lot of ground, including:

  • how to know the difference between true higher guidance or psychic downloads VS. your calculating mind’s work
  • how to relax and have more fun in your intellectual quest to understand how life and the universe work
  • how to look at things in a different way and feel expansive and free

Best of all, this podcast is FREE! Check it out via iTunes (Episode 7).

You’re never too old (or too anything) for LOVE!

Check it out!

Single Ladies of L.A., join us for this Love-Life-Changing MANifesting® Workshop!

LOCATION: The Gateway—a Portal for Growth and Wellness

2507 South Barrington, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Saturday, September 12th, 2015.

Check in and mingle 1:30. Workshop from 2:00 to 6:00pm.

Book signing event 6:00 pm

GATEWAY workshop

Only $95, including your copy of The MANifesting® Workbook… and answers to all your MANifesting questions!

(Sponsored by Roadshow Events)

Edie Summers picListen in to The Wellness Coach on Blog Talk Radio as Edie Summers interviews Debbianne about how to MANifest the Man of Your Dreams, the importance of forgiveness, and a whole lot more.

Friday September 4th, or listen to the recording afterward.

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Soul Dialogue Radio

Dr. Michael Likey has a heart of gold. Listen in as he spreads love and light through the Interweb airwaves and chats with Debbianne about Conscious Manifesting, following inner guidance and other useful stuff.

get real radio---james robinson

Manifesting with Humor!

“Get Real Radio” on the VoiceAmerica Network

Friday May 9

Click here to visit the show’s website.

Click here to listen to the recorded show via iTunes.

Workshop: “MANifesting® and the Single Gal”

Where: In the heart of Berkeley, CA

When: Saturday, May 3rd

cartoon ladies

In this in-depth workshop, we overturn limiting belief systems that have kept you stuck in a Groundhog Day romantic cycle. We do it with self-love, levity and en-lightened perspective. You will leave altered—empowered and super-charged with the knowing that you really CAN have everything you want in a relationship. You’ll be stocked with practical tools for “pivoting” away from old negative thought patterns and toward fun-based conscious manifesting. With your newfound clarity, you’ll begin to transform your situation… and the MANifesting evidence will present itself to you almost immediately.

Join the MANifestor Sisterhood.

You’ve got everything to gain—including clarity, empowerment, positive momentum, and a fabulous new relationship and

…nothing to lose but your single status!

Invest in true love. Invest in your personal power and happiness.

(Got questions? Cold feet? Contact Debbianne.)


New Living Expo

April 25-27th in San Mateo, California

MANifesting® and the Single Gal

Live Lecture by Debbianne DeRose

Sunday, April 27th at 4:00 pm

Consciousness SF Meetup LOGOConscious MANifesting for the Single Gal

a mini-workshop in San Francisco, California

Sunday April 13

meetupMANifesting for Baby Boomer gals!

a mini-workshop in Palo Alto, California

Saturday, April 12


mikey likey

LIVE Friday, April 11th (or listen later to the recorded interview)

Soul Dialogue Radio

Dr. Michael Likey has a heart of gold. Listen in as he spreads love and light through the Interweb airwaves and chats with Debbianne about Conscious Manifesting, following inner guidance and other useful stuff.

MANifesting and the Single Gal

San Francisco, California

Saturday March 29

LIVE Meetup for MANifesting Ladies!

Santa Rosa, California

Friday March 21

blackboard sign HANGout

LIVE Saturday, March 8

MENtoring for the MANifesting Gal
via Google Hangout

Sign up and submit your MANifesting® questions in advance!

Dr LikeyLIVE Friday, March 7th (or listen later to the recorded interview)

Drawing Boundaries

Dr. Michael Likey interviews Debbianne on “Soul Dialogue” Radio.

meetupLIVE Meetup for MANifesting Ladies!

Santa Rosa, California

Friday February 28


StarlaFayeLIVE Saturday, February 15th (or listen later to the recorded interview)

“Two Talk Books” on L.A. Talk Radio

Host Starla Faye interviews Debbianne.  LAtalkRadio

WellnessCoachLIVE Saturday, February 8th (or listen later to the recorded interview via iTunes)

How to Manifest the Man of Your Dreams

Edie Summers interviews Debbianne on The Wellness Coach radio.

Dr LikeyLIVE Friday, February 7th (or listen later to the recorded interview)

The Art of Following Higher Guidance to Manifest Your Desires

Dr. Michael Likey interviews Debbianne on “Beyond Your Soul’s Purpose” Radio.

ChiToBeLIVE Wednesday, January 29th (or listen later to the recorded interview)

How to Manifest with Laughter

Stacey Hall interviews Debbianne on The Chi-To-Be! Experience Radio.

Check out this Levity Lecture on Debbianne’s blog, Pitching The Woo.

November 22-28, 2013

Mr. Right Cafe: How to MANifest the Man of Your Dreams!Mr. Right Cafe

Listen in as Divorce Recovery Expert Judith Joshel interviews Debbianne about How to MANifest the Man of Your Dreams! Click here to listen to the Replay. This 45-minute show is chock full of inspiration and views-you-can use.

MANifesting and the Single Gal: a fun, effective Workshop

Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm at the lovely Songbird Community Healing Center in Cotati, CA

Hot off the e-press: a Midsummer Nice Dream

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Join the MANifesting Sisterhood in a 22-day MENtoring extravaganza!

* Your hostess, Debbianne, delivers potent MANifesting wisdom (with a side of humor) straight to your ears, based on a different theme each week. Yes, there will be some homework… but naturally, it will be extremely fun!

* Enjoy the camaraderie and support of your fellow MANifestor Sisters. Glean understanding and inspiration from the Sistren as we share our insights and MANifestation stories!

* Get help in identifying and clearing obstacles in your MANifesting journey with outside perspective. Get ready for LOVE!

* Receive instant feedback and practical guidance from Debbianne during 4 weekly tele-powwows––for less than the price of a single private MENtoring session!

Ladies Luncheon: Friday, July 26th in Sebastopol, CA