Old Soul Mentoring

Debbianne is on a mission. . .

to infuse the New Age with a hefty dose of levity. Too often, spirituality is very serious business. But how can you have enlightenment without En-Lightening Up?! Amusement is a most exalted vibration—just get a load of the laughing buddha.

“Seriousness is a disease of the ego.”
—Stuart Wilde

In addition to playing the role of metaphysical class clown as a writer and observer, Debbianne is an Empowerment Mentor to conscious creators worldwide. She offers “aha!” perspectives to bring you back to your place of personal power—back in cahoots with your Higher Self.

She re-minds you of the truth about yourself. Like… the part where you are an incredibly potent, infinite spirit-being disguised as a mere mortal. Clearly, Earth is no place for sissies, and YOU are a Spiritual Bad-Ass for agreeing to come here and be human (again). Debbianne helps you to actually feel more Spiritually Bad-Ass. Her colorful, energized writing packs a practical punch, giving you fresh angles on deep thoughts and bringing airy-fairy “woo-woo” subjects down to the Earth plane where you can use ’em. And she does it all with quirky irreverent humor, love, compassion, and Jersey-girl moxie. Can you dig it? (We knew that you could.)

[What’s “woo-woo,” you ask? It’s a fun nickname for stuff that’s metaphysical, paranormal, spiritual, intangible, or just plain “out there” according to mainstream thinking. Stuff that’s outside the domain of your ordinary 5 senses. Fortunately, we’re all equipped with more than five! It turns out that “supernatural” is only natural, and “paranormal” is really quite normal.] 

So, wait. . . how did this all come to be? Here’s an old-fashioned Curriculum Vitae to tell the sordid tale:

1967-1984 child in dysfunctional
American family
watched copious “woo-woo” TV re-runs, read “woo-woo” books, and holed up in her room making latch-hook rugs; underwent existential crisis at age 9
1983-1991 heavy metal chick (HMC) sported big hair and snakeskin spandex while lusting after long-haired dudes (LHDs) in tight leather pants
1985-1989 enginerd-in-training passed grueling physics, chemistry and calculus exams; ingested mind-expanding recreational drugs; wore tie-dyes and toured with the Grateful Dead
1989-1992 enginerd / corporate soldier

’nuff said.

1992-1994 recipient of master’s level miseducation hunkered down to “master” the Conservative Arts of Scarcity (Economics) and Trickery (Statistics). Bwah ha hah!
1994-1996 college instructor attempted to pry open young minds with an academic crowbar
1994-2001 do-gooder / non-profiteer performed database and office-y work for less-than-market pay to help “save the planet”
2000-2008 inadvertent house flipper converted ramshackle domiciles into artsy palaces and hosted outrageously fun elaborate theme parties in them
2003-2009 classic-country musician wore girly costumes whilst a-sangin’-n-a-twangin’
2007-2012 midlife crisis haver
came fully out of the “woo-woo” closet; became a spiritual smarty-pants and sower of metaphysical oats; vaga-bonded with peeps and places around the globe; MANifested the Man of Her Dreams
2012-now author & mentor writing stuffmaking fun inspirational videos; flitting around social-media-butterfly style; deftly mentoring people through their spiritual-emotional conundrums

Debbianne resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with that hunky Man of Her Dreams.

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