Upliftment spoken here.

Enjoy the many resources you find on this site. All of it is offered in the spirit of helping you to feel happier, more powerful, and more like your True Self!

 Hi, I’m Debbianne.

Do you believe that you chose to come here and have this human lifetime of yours? I do. And I think you’re pretty amazing for doing it because let’s face it, Earth is no place for Sissies!

Though filled with challenges, life doesn’t have to feel like a school of hard knocks. There is a spiritual way to play the Earth Game—a way that allows you to be both happy and powerful. . . and larger than the challenges you encounter. After all, you are an infinite spirit-being who’s having a temporary human experience.

That Higher Octave of Feel-Good awaits! I’ll be honored to serve as your cosmic tour guide. 🙂

I want to MANifest true and lasting Love

I want to manifest a great job

Does manifesting really work?

I’m kind of pissed off at the Law of Attraction

I want to make spiritual progress

I have a lot of questions about spiritual stuff


Spirituality and Personal Growth

If your mission is to accelerate your personal growth while manifesting your heart’s desires, then you’re in the right place.

Debbianne’s colorful, humorous writing not only opens your mind to new “aha!” perspectives, it also helps you to relax and smile more—or maybe even indulge in a big ol’ buddha-belly laugh—as you dive deep into the sacred truths about life and about yourself.

It’s not really “self-improvement” material because you are already perfect, just as you are. How can you improve upon perfection? That’s how the All-That-Is or Divinity views you, so why not adopt that perspective yourself, toward yourself—right here, right now? 🙂

Radical self-love and self-acceptance is a cornerstone of Debbianne’s teachings, as is humor.

“Woo-Woo” is an affectionate term for all that is metaphysical, intangible, spiritual, etheric, paranormal and generally just a wee bit beyond the clasp of the logical human mind and its 5-physical-sense minions. It’s the magic, the synchronicity, and the delightful weirdnesses that make this otherwise dense Earthly existence more interesting.

Debbianne DeRose writes about all things “woo” with the precision, clarity and healthy skepticism of an engineer, combined with the wisdom and compassion of an old soul. Indeed, she is both of these things.

Debbianne brings otherwise airy-fairy concepts down to Earth, where you can use them! The goal is to achieve practical results and shifts in consciousness, and those need not take a lot of time if you are ready and open.

Of course, your own inner guidance is the ultimate authority in all matters! Debbianne is your cosmic tour guide and personal cheerleader, but not a guru. YOU are your own guru. (Long white beard optional).

Uplifting, thought-provoking books

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