How to Manifest Your Dreams! Get happy, get the confidence and power to create the life of your heart's desire. How to use the Law of Attraction for manifesting.

 Hi, I’m Debbianne.

Do you believe that you chose to come here and have this human lifetime of yours? I do. And I think you’re pretty amazing for choosing it because, let’s face it, Earth is no place for Sissies! 🙂

Though filled with challenges, life doesn’t have to feel like a school of hard knocks. There is a spiritual way to play the game of life—a way that allows you to be both happy and powerful.

A Higher Octave of Feel-Good awaits! Allow me to accompany you there. . .

I want Love with a special someone

I need a better job

Does manifesting really work?

I’ve been trying to manifest stuff but it’s not working!

I want to make spiritual progress

I wonder “Is channeling real?”

Spirituality and Personal Growth

If your mission is to accelerate your personal growth and manifest your heart’s desires, then you’re in the right place.

Debbianne’s colorful, humorous writing not only opens your mind to new perspectives, it also helps you relax and laugh more as you dive deep into the sacred truths about life and about yourself.

It’s not “self-improvement” because you are already perfect, just as you are. How can you improve upon perfection? Radical self-love and self-acceptance is a cornerstone of Debbianne’s teachings.


Uplifting, thought-provoking books

Manifesting for Dummies

Role of Resistance in Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

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Please accept this inspiring gift

to re-mind you of who and what you truly are—an infinite powerful spirit-being having a temporary human experience!

YOU are a powerful infinite spirit-being posing as a mere human!

Feel good. Feel powerful. Feel connected. Feel like YOU. Download the "I AM" Manifesto for a potent and beautiful reminder of what's REALLY true!

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